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Hi ladies!

I'm so glad I found this forum, it's so hard to Google stuff when you don't know the acronyms!!

So, I'm uninsured.

I've had a quote for a MM mummy makeover, TT BL+BA. I've a saggy baggy belly plus rectus diastasis and an epigastric hernia after a couple of enormous babies plus >20kg gain and loss post pregnancy. Droopy boobs that I've always hated with gigantic areola which are now even worse. The surgeon is absolutely top notch. He said he'd do a bit of lipo while he's there, on my thighs and near the TT incision as it will give a better result - he won't charge for it but I will have to pay theatre time.

So my quote is just over $40k all told.

This includes surgeon ($24k after medicare rebate), hospital stay ($9k), anaethetist ($6k), implants ($1k) and compression garment, as well as three months post-operative hospital/office visits. How does that stack up? I haven't shopped around as I've seen some of his work and he is undeniably a wizard :)

I was planning on having the surgery later this year anyway, so my question is, would it be worth it to delay the surgery a further six months, jump into a health fund now, and later be able to have some covered by insurance? How much would I likely get covered, vs how much in premiums I would pay over the next 12 months?

I can wait an extra six months if it means I can save a bit of money!! But for only a couple of thousand I'd probably eat it so as to be all healed and settled by my 40th next April :)

Appreciate any thoughts.


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Hi. Most PHI have a minimum 12 month waiting period for most of the claims that you possibly could collect on. You would have to do some research into exactly what items numbers your surgeon would be using and ask the companies if they would cover anything if at all. A lot don't cover much these days unfortunately, again it all depends on the precise item number your surgeon says. I've been roughly quoted that for full BA & BL my PHI  and Medicare return may only be approx $1500. We have had PHI for last 12 years and wouldn't be without it! Best of luck and the quote you have sounds pretty reasonable to me

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Hi Sparkles!!

Thanks for your reply :)

I had the suspicion that there wouldn't be that much in the way of a PHI refund, but was hopeful! I don't think it would be worth the outlay of 12 months premiums to get very little back. I've never taken it out because I just never needed it, I had my babies publicly and was very happy with the midwives care and not sitting in an obstetrician's waiting room for hours!!  

The quote was about what I expected, but it is hard to really place yourself in the Australian market, when Google just wants to tell me US prices or Thailand tours. 

Way too scared to go to Thailand, even to save $20k.

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I agree belly, it's hard to find things on google when you're starting out.

what was the surgeon you were thinking of going with? So it would be $24,000 if you were insured correct? Because they would cover theatre, hospital stay etc?

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