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botox- frown lines, forehead & crows feet

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what seems to be average cost for these 3 to be done? 

is $500 expensive? or should I be shopping around for cheaper quotes?

& can any reccomend anywhere in Perth?  


I've been seeing brammis.  but not sure if there any others around that are reputable.  

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I'm in Perth (well south of Perth) and I've used a few different cosmetic places and most seem to charge around $800ish for the 3 areas, and to be honest, they didn't last all that long either so it got really expensive very quickly.  A friend recommended a local nurse in Mandurah who does it for maybe around $200 - $300 using restylane.  Super cheap but she is actually quite good and if I need a top up a week or so after, she never charges me for it.  Basically she charges $150 or something for the frown lines and then I think $3 per unit after that.

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