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Surgery date: 14/01/16
Dr Moradi

Left: 330cc mod plus,
Right: 375 mod plus

Day of admission:
I briefly saw Dr Moradi before and he told me what sizes he was thinking of trying .
I am glad I just trusted his decision with sizing . I woke up with 330c and 375 mod plus.
I did not have to wear a stabiliser and woke up with a carefix bra on.
Felt really dizzy and was told my medicine was not ready. This was inconvenient but in the end I saved
a fair bit from delivery fees. Priceline accidentally charged me but I got it refunded.

day 2:
Hardest part of the day is getting out of bed. Even though I sat upright overtime my body slides more and more
down and my back sinks into the pillow. I felt as thought I was glued to my pillow and when I get up I felt like
I had to use all my chest muscles.
The tightness was very uncomfortable and sometimes the pain around the stitches get a bit much so I'd take more
Be sure to have someone at home with you for the first two days. Simple tasks such as getting water and getting
a bowl of food is such a struggle and you feel rather useless .
Pain meds can cause constipation and thats what happened. I took 3 sachets of movicol , increased my intake
of fibre.
One thing I am super happy about is that I didn't have to go back to the hospital to get any bandages taken off or drains taken
out. Going outside and getting into a car is THE LAST thing I want to do. I am in so much discomfort and pain :(
A clear tape/badge was placed over the stitches ( I can't even see the stitches thought it's just  some raised black lines)
I don't have to see my surgeon again until week 2 post op :)

day 3:
Took my painkiller meds more regularly throughout the day.
Basic tasks are more doable such as getting water, food.
Luckily I had no trouble going to the toilet. I am not able to shower or wash my hair unassisted though.
Still cant lift my arms  above my head, way too much swelling.
Constipation eased off fortunately.
Apart from the aching and tightness my ribs felt really sore.
Holy lord my back was REALLY SORE! They were tough as rocks it was probably from having to sleep upright
for the first few days. Luckily I found a back roller massage tool I started using on myself.
 I was told that I could now sleep on my back but when I attempted too it was too uncomfortable so
now I'm sleeping at a 45 degree angle.
Since day of surgery I have no sensation in my right nipple only my left

day 6:
I realised that if I just took my painkiller meds regularly throughout day 1-2 I wouldnt have experienced so much pain
I was trying to stay 'strong' and didn't want to take so many pills , also the pharmacist said endone can be addictive,
they used to give it wounded soldiers.
Realised I had a huge knot in my hair from not brushing it throughout the first few days, I had to cut it out!
So get someone to brush your hair if you can't do it yourself.

Day 7:
Experienced shortness of breath just by walking a few dozen steps. I still can't stretch my arms straight up above my head
but the pain is now gone. The only time I experience discomfort is in the morning when I have to sit up and get out of
bed( morning boob) . Drove for the first time since date of surgery, it was uncomfortable, had to used both hands to switch
gears  and it takes a lot of effort to turn the wheel due to the tightness that I felt .
My upper back + shoulders are no longer as sore and are softening up  :)
Still got morning boob tho :(
Laughing no longer hurts :)

Day 8:
Morning boob was very minor this morning yay! I was wondering when morning boob would stop occuring and it
seems like it gets better everyday  :)
Shortness of breath after walking down thee street is no longer the case :)
I still dont have much pushing strength in my arms but pulling is no problem .
Boobs still feel quiet tight on my chest, feels like I got two hard balls stuck on my chest.
I can roll my shoulders with ease and stretch my chest more with no pain just tightness.
I have regained sensation in my right nipple but now BOTH nipples are HYPERSENSITIVE. They actually hurt
when touched.
Both lower half of my breasts are still NUMB, but I full sensation in the top half .
Have to admit ..  I still experience pain when coughing and sneezing . No big deal it surpasses quickly.

Day 16:
Morning boob no longer occurs and I can comfortably sleep flat on my back and side.

3 months post opp:
All sensation has returned besides the lower half on both breasts.
Nipples no longer hypersensitive, they are back to normal.
Cleavage gap closed up to the point they are now only 1 cm apart.
 They are a lot more softer now but don't bounce.  I didn't have to massage them but overtime they will continue to soften.
I am fitting a full 10C bra.
I've been sleeping on my tummy again since 2 months post op :)
I am still using silicone tape on my scars and will continue using them for another 2-3 months as they are still obvious.

I hope this information helps you in some way, everyone's BA experience is different but generally some things are common
like the sore back, tightness, decreased upper body mobility etc.  the severity varies .

If you would like to see progress pictures which I upload every week or, so please just message me and I will link you to my
dropbox file for it :) Wishing you all a happy BA journey xox

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