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What kind of price with healthcare insurance am I looking at?

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Just trying so hard to get an idea of what kind of $ I need...I have heard everything from 30K to 15k.

I need:

-Stomach...substantial amount of skin removed

-Chest and a small amount of gyno and loose skin removal

-Back...I am not sure why but every plastic surgeron so far has said I need to remove a lump of skin there


I would like:

-Face: (I have a double chin of loose skin from my previous weight...and lines around my nose like an 80 year old? My cheeks are 'loose' I don't even know what this operation is but I need something done there..)


In the distance future

-Small amounts of 'trimming' the skin from the inside of my legs and arms.


I can get an afford health insurance but considering the GAP is so huge I wonder if it's actually worth it?


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Is all of this work covered by private health insurance? I think you need to find out which of these procedures you will be entitled to a rebate on and how much the rebate is. I don't believe all of those procedures are covered. I could be wrong. In terms of having the 12 month wait period it may not really be worthwhile in the end. 

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