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Officially Booked with Dr Boonchai and getting serious nerves!


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HI ladies,

I have been reading this forum since FOREVER and with all my research I've decided to book in with Dr Boonchai at his surgery in Bangkok in October. It's really not long now, not considering how long I've wanted them. But I'd love some realtime advice from recent and veteran clients. 

Everything I've read about Dr Boonchai has been amazing but his quote is VERY wide. How was the final pricing for you ladies? And what was the best method of payment. He takes pretty much any method!
Also, pain seems to be a solid factor in my thoughts. Everyone seems tough as nails and advice says 'moderate pain'. Is this legit? Or is that sugar coating the post surgery effects. 

Any help would be amazing, not knowing anyone in person to talk to makes it tough! And research only goes so far! 

Thanks in advance ladies <3

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hi Oct16 

I am a Dr Boonchai patient had my BA done nearly 4 years ago and im going back in Dec for bigger implants , had tummy tuck and lipo done last Nov .... 

As for BA pain the only real pain I had was the very first time i got up and out of bed yes it killed but only for about 10 min then all was fine just tender ....

all i can say is that you will be in the best hands .... I will send a friend request so you can check out pics 


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Hi Oct16

You must be so excited! :)

I had a BL + BA with Dr Boonchai while he was working in Phuket, he is an amazing surgeon.

My surgery cost 210,000 baht, which at the time equated to around $8,500 aud. Much better than the quote I received in Australia which was just under $18,000. I paid in cash on the day of my surgery. 

In terms of pain, it's pretty uncomfortable for the first 1 - 2 weeks, but it begins to settle after that. The medication keeps your pain under control, and it's not nearly as bad as you imagine. However, if your only have a BA, you'll probably be find within a few days - 1 week. 


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