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Hi ladies,


I was wondering if any of you Perth girls have had a breast lift without implants. A lot of the forum discussions on here talk about breast lifts with augmentation but I am struggling to find information about people who have only had a breast lift.


I am currently looking into Mark Lee and Tony Connell as I've heard they're the best in Perth. Has anyone had just a breast lift done with either of these surgeons or any other surgeons in Perth? I can see from this forum that they're great at augmentation but not too sure how often they do a simple lift


I would also like to know if you were you happy with the result? Did you regret not getting implants or are you happy with just the lift?


I'm 22, 164cm, weigh 69kg (at the moment but will have hopefully lost at least 5kg before the op) with size D/DD cups. Unfortunately they have been this size since I was about 10 and gravity has not been kind to me :(


Any information about breast lifts and surgeons in Perth will be greatly appreciated :)

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I had a consult with both of them and although I'm getting a BL with a BA done, both showed me heaps of photos they had of straight lifts without BA. So, yes, they both do them. I'm going with Tony - I definitely recommend a consult with him... He does heaps of reconstructive work so is very experienced dealing with anything a bit more complicated than a straight BA. it takes a while to get in to see him, but from what I saw in my consult it is worth waiting for :)

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