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Those with wide gaps


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It has a lot to do with your anatomy but under the muscle placement and dual plane placement will generally cause your implants to be further apartarrow-10x10.png. The pectoralis muscle contracts and pushes the implants down and laterally over time. By placing them over the muscle or in the subfsacial plane you can get them closer together and the muscle doesn't push them out over time. But your original anatomy is a big part of it. I asked my surgeon this too and he advised me to go subfascial if I wanted to avoid a 'gappy look'. At the end of day there are pros and cons to all placement types. A bra is always going to bring them together and make them look brilliant anyway! And being only 2 weeks post op you still have a lot of changes to go through! Yours will probably relax and come closer together still. :)  

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16 hours ago, TaeniaS said:

I naturally had a wide gap before surgery and still do! I prefer it :) Here's a recent pic, you can add me if you'd like to see more photos I have in my gallery ^_^


Wow so hot!!! Thanks I'll send you a fr :)

Thanks girls.  Im happy to have a gap was more just interested to see what cleavage looks like. 

Placement wasn't much of a choice I had no breast tissue at all so they had to go under the muscle.  

This is me 12dpo


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