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Hi everyone... I have been researching and planning my breast surgery for 8 years now!!

I am booked for my first ever consultation on July 22nd (next friday.. so excited!:D) and I have paid a deposit to secure Monday September 22nd as my surgery date with Dr Dona for lift/augmentation.. I also have a surprise cruise booked for my husband's 40th birthday and our wedding anniversary that departs November 1st. (which will make me 5 weeks post op)

My question is to the ladies that have had surgery or anyone else that may know, how long did you abstain from alcohol for after surgery?? I don't go out and have all night benders (that would literally take me 4 days to recover from 1 night out) but i don't mind the odd glass of red wine or a cider here and there :D

On every other cruise we have been on we have purchased drinks packages, so we don't get the nasty shock of a huge bill at the end of your holiday.. To get value for money if you have 5 or 6 drinks per day over the entire day and night it works out to be great value. 

 I am just wondering if at 5 weeks post op i will want/feel up to/am allowed to drink that much for a 7 day cruise????

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I'm pretty sure I didn't drink for several weeks after my BA. I can't remember what my surgeons post op instructions were, sorry, but I probably had my first drink at 5 or 6 weeks? I didn't go too crazy as I was still a bit sore.

I love a good drop and a big night out but honestly wouldn't feel up to drinking 5 drinks a day for 7 days. 

Maybe spend that money at the day spa instead  ?


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