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Tummy Numbness

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So I'm almost Week 8 post-op from my Mummy Makeover and I've noticed that after I eat a big meal (usually dinner) my tummy goes numb.  Maybe it's more noticeable because my tummy bloats from eating too much food as I don't really notice the numbness after other meals.  It usually stays numb for a couple of hours after I finish eating.  Does anybody else get this?


Also wondering how much of something someone would have to do to pop a hernia after a tummy tuck?  I've had two scenarios where I've over-exerted myself and have noticed that it affected my tummy, not so much pain wise, but more uncomfortable and made me too frightened to stand up straight in case I do (or have already done) any damage.  I scored my first hernia when I was Week 6 post-op by transplanting a rather large cycad plant.  But I'm wondering what would it take for the existing hernia (or a fresh one) to appear now after my tummy has been ripped to shreds and is so weak.  I'm so ****ing paranoid of getting another hernia.  Every little twinge has me on edge!

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Bushlander, I have no idea about hernias, sorry.  But the tummy numbness.. Mine is numb all over!  I don't think there's a particular time of day when it's worse, it's just numb all the way around my belly button and the entire section of the scar by a couple of inches.  I don't know if I'm more prone to numbness - I never got feeling back in a large portion of my tummy after my first caesarian and I know other people who have full feeling after theirs.  Good luck and just continue taking it easy.  Speak to your surgeon about the hernia concerns :)

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What type if hernia do you have bushlander ? Not sure uf i have spoken to you about my hernia or not ...

I have an umbical hernia im getting it repaired on the 5th Oct ...

I had my tummy tuck in Nov last year and found out at my consult that i had it ....


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