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Reviews on the breast academy?? :)


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I had my surgery with them on 1 July & I'm so happy with the result. Surgeon did a fabulous job, had minimal pain afterwards & incision is very small and small amount of bruising. I looked at TBI but chose Breast Academy as they do both rounds & teardrops. They are junior plastic surgeons under the guidance of Dr Stradwick but I loved my surgeon after my consultation & I think he did an amazing job. Love my new boobies. I had a great experience with them.

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They were one of my picks before I went to tbi, tbi do use both implants :) 

It was either them or cosmedi as they both use the same hospital and docs, other ladies have said they equaled the same price so no real preference over either, pricing for both is meant to be rising they keep sending me emails stating that but unsure what that will be, I must say I liked dealing with breast academy more as they really did want a face to face consultation to assess sizes etc unlike cosmedi which didn't.

Lots of positive reviews and great after pictures so I think you would be in great hands:) 

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