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Upgrading my boobies! 505cc mods to 700/750cc xhp

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Hi ladies! 


I had my boobies done in September 2015... I was paranoid I would be going too big with 505cc moderates.... I am 6 foot tall & weigh an athletic 80-85kgs. My surgeon tried to push my to the 565's but I was worried about them making me look fat.


Straight away after the op I wished I went bigger!! I actually re-booked in to go up to the 625cc xhp's a week after my op but then freaked out and cancelled it, thinking it would be best to let my 505's settle.


9 months on and everyone is obsessed with my boobs, my friends are all jealous, they look big and super natural... but I still wish I went bigger and want that semi "fake" look, which no one else seems to understand! and it's weird because I never thought I'd want big fake tits. 


ANYWAY, my surgeon is an absolute legend & I am going back in on Wednesday to get 700 or 750cc XHP's!! He says I could go up to 800's even but I won't do that. I like to exercise a lot and that is a concern for me.


I have not told many people because I know they will try talk me out of it... But I am tall and I think they will look amazing!


Just wondering if anyone else with similar stats has done a similar upgrade?


Thanks xx  

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Hi! I'm not the same stats (165cm but 64kg very athletic)- and had 425cc FH FP teardrop in 10 years ago and was always a DD Size with that but then had two kids since then but just upgraded to 610ccs FH FP Teardrop and still wish I went bigger haha- so I say go for it! I'm only 3 weeks post op! 

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That's so exciting! I identified with so much of your post- particularly about worrying big boobs would make me look fat! I'm 180cm & 70kg and quite pear shaped with smaller shoulders & bwd of 11.5. I know so much more now after my ba and wish I had researched more. I got 345 dual plane & think about a revision for bigger all the time. 

Do you think recovery from the revision will be quicker, given that the pocket already exists (albeit it's smaller) and the muscle has already had time to stretch? The stretching of the muscle was so painful for me. I had a long & slow recovery but at 8 months PO I'm doing well. 


Cant  wait to hear how you go X 

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I'm similar stats to you @Sarahsnewboobs (175cm and 85kg) and got my surgery same month as you - I went 430cc Mod profiles and now wish i had pushed the limits going bigger and considering a revision.

I personally would go with what @LaurenT and go the 800cc so you have no further regrets....what's an extra 300cc ;) You seem like you would have the height and frame for it and would really suit you and look fab!! Please let us know how you go!!

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