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Hi all,

Needing some advice on the correct terms to use when referring to the problems with my first rhinoplasty. Obviously one nostril is higher than the other but needing some clarification on what others think the problem is.

I was meant to be getting married this year but have postponed it due to the state of my nose. I am not currently working either because of my insecurities of my nose.

I am waiting advice on what surgeon would be best to hopefully fix my nose.

Any advice is muchly appreciated.

I have added photos to view.





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Rhinoplasty is the most complicated cosmetic surgery and we should be more careful while choosing a surgeon. Choose a doctor who;

  • has good before and after results
  • performs a large number of rhinoplasty procedures per year
  • Has been performing rhinoplasty for at least 5 years, preferably 10 - 15 years
  • Is experienced in advanced rhinoplasty techniques
  • Good luck!
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