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Recommendations please...Round or tear drop? Sorry about pic

Kiwi chick

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Hi @Kiwi chick 

I had mine done on Thursday and got 450cc HP round overs. I was always going with unders throughout my research until I had my consultation and was told overs would be suitable as I had enough breast tissue to cover the implant. I have photos in my gallery if you want to friend request me to see. I have a before photo also. Overs seem far less common but I am happy so far so I'm glad i trusted my surgeon.

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Hi Kiwi Chick - you've got a very similar breast size and shape to mine. Yours are just a little bigger - I'm currently 10b.

I'm 166cm, 60kg, dress size 10, BWD 12cm -  and want a very natural result in proportion to my body. I don't want excessive upper pole fullness.

My PS has recommended 330cc, teardrop, moderate height and profile, placement will be dual plane (because with me having so little breast tissues there's risk of rippling, seeing implant outline if I went subfascial).

My view is you can always make boobs look a little bigger in clothing, but you can't make them look smaller and more natural if you go too big. I'll be happy to achieve a C or D, which will fit my body size/shape.

I also live an active life and don't want to be restricted by big boobs.

If your surgeon is achieving good results and you have shown him images of why you want and he/she has said that those results are achievable with your anatomy, then I recommend going with what your PS suggests.

In looking at results, it's really important to look at the pre-op photos carefully and try to match your current body/boobs size/shape so that the results you see are possible with you too. 330cc on me will look very different on someone who is starting with less/more breast tissue or who has a wider/thinner BWD or who is taller/shorter/heavier/thinner than me. You get the drift.

Hope this helps. My surgery is on Sat so wish me luck!


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