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Hi everyone, 

I'm from Adelaide and there is very little information on surgeons in Adelaide. I previously had a rhinoplasty in Adelaide in 2013 which I've been left very unhappy with. I from now on refuse to get any more surgeries in Adelaide unless I somehow manage to find an amazing surgeon here. 

I want to have a revision rhinoplasty with Dr Shahihi, I rang the office today and she said a ball park figure for rhinoplasty is 16-20k for revision (I just need my tip done). This was upsetting for me as I thought it would be a lot less. However I have seen his before & afters, read a lot of good reviews so I think I may look into travelling up to Sydney. I'm scared to go for any surgeon that isn't know for his good work after my disastrous mistake from my last surgery. 

I also want to have my breasts done (after breastfeeding for a year). I hope to go with Dr Tazaki which I was quoted 25k as I need a lift and implants. 

I'm very stressed as this is a lot of money for me (I'm a mother so feel VERY guilty for spending this much money on myself) yet it is something I desperately want. 

I would love if anyone could give me some advice on surgeons they could recommend, what they paid, any thing they think could be helpful. :) 

If I do go ahead I will need to fly up to sydney, have consultations and come back down from three weeks as Dr Shahidi doesn't do Skype consults, then come back up to Sydney to go ahead with surgery! 

It seems like an awful lot of money and travelling but I'm unsure of what to do! 

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