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Swelling feels like it's getting worse 10 days post-op. Is this normal?

Mum of three

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Hi ladies, I had my surgery on 5/8/16 (10 days ago) and my swelling/tightness feels like it is getting worse. It may not be but the swelling is definitely not getting any better. My husband said that they are looking bigger and "more fake" now!  I have no pain as such just unbelievable tightness and pressure that if feels like my boobs are about to burst! I went 345cc high rounds and I went as big as I could go (I was an 10aa before). Is this normal for 10 days post op? No drains were used after surgery and I finished my antibiotics 3 days ago. 

When can I expect to see some improvement as it is making me so uncomfortable. 



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Do you find that one is more swollen than the other? It could be seroma or fluid collection.  

Submalar breast augmentation as far as I know has more significant swelling. Everyone is different. I for example don't bruise easily but swell a lot. Swelling can increase by a lot of things, salty diet, exercise (even walking fast), being anxious and angry etc. Any type of surgery - swelling is at its peak at 2 weeks. I've had fillers, fat grafting and my nasal bone shaved down and I had major swelling.. Yet I gave it a couple of weeks and magic, it was a lot better. 

At three months your swelling should be resolved so it definitely lingers for a while however if you feel it is getting worse, please do contact your surgeon. Although I haven't had a breast surgery yet so I cannot tell you whether I've experienced this - sorry :) 

As the old saying goes.. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Reach out to your Dr and hang in there! 

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