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I see alot of people asking about Dr William Mooney both here and abroad. 

I have booked in my surgery with Dr Mooney and the procedure will take place in two weeks. I plan on updating this thread with my experiences and results in an effort to help other people make a more informed decision.

Bit of background;

I am a male who lives in Sydney. I initially saw Dr William Mooney in 2014 (two years ago!) at his Bondi clinic. Bit of a mission to find as the Westfield is confusing but once inside greeted by friendly staff and a very nice view of the city. Dr Mooney is a lovely man- very friendly, the initial consultation was a few hundred dollars which included a range of breathing tests, a camera up the nostrils and a discussion about what my expectations were. I walked out of the clinic with a USB of the imaging we created together and a quote for the surgery. Two years went by. LOL.-- why? work, life, me thinking it was just a phase i'd get over...

Fast forward two years; August 2016. I went in and saw dr mooney and booked the surgery. I decided to do it and not hesitate, wish I booked it in two years ago! So its all confirmed and paid for. Following procedures;

- Rhinoplasty -Septoplasty and a few other items to help me breathe better.

The outcome of my operation is both medical and cosmetic- I had a childhood injury which wonked my nose a bit, and I find it difficult to breathe there is always one blocked nostril.


I had my 'pre-op' appointment today (two weeks until surgery) with one of the nurses. Went over the pre and post-operative pack which includes a range of prescriptions, nasal sprays and vitamins- some of which I have to start taking one week before surgery. The nurse outlined all the Do's and Don'ts leading upto and after the surgery and was given all the instructions on paper so I don't forget. There is also an after hours mobile number that I can call if i have questions or concerns after the surgery.

Also saw Dr Mooney who answered any final questions or concerns.


My next post will be from the hospital in two weeks! I'm going to St Lukes Care at Potts Point. A nice private hospital and is one of my health funds 'Members First' hospital- so better cover.



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So I am out of hospital today and currently at home trying to keep myself entertained.

The operation went well. I checked into the hospital in the morning, the staff were so friendly and helpful. Dressed into my gown and popped into bed. Was then wheeled to operation room, greeted by Dr Mooney and the anaesthetist and then a mask put over my face and I went to sleep!

Woke up in post op with a cast on and greeted yet again by Dr Mooney who said everything went well and he will see me in the morning before I leave. He was so full of energy and excitement which made me happy.

The nurses gave me some painkillers, couldn't feel any pain and still have no pain. I vomited up some blood which is totally normal from the surgery. After I had some food felt alot better.

Day 3 after surgery was probably the worst for swelling and bruising. At one point my eyes were so swollen they couldn't open fully. Have been eating soups and soft foods. Sleeping with heaps of pillows keeping me elevated and been following Dr Mooneys instructions religiously. They gave me a print-out which outlines everything post-op, all the medications and time to take them, foods and activities to avoid etc. etc. Nice and easy to read and follow.

Nose is blocked up, the sprays i have taken every two hours are helping clear it but lots of mucous and nastys that i spit out.

There isn't really any pain, I do get a bit light sensitive at night but that could just be becuase i've been fixated on the tv all day long- not sure but doesn't really bother me. I do have strong prescription painkillers given to me but I don't feel the need to take them.

Netflix is my saviour.

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Week 1 Post Op

So today I went in for my first post-op appointment with Dr Mooney. Was a little nervous and not sure what to expect. The first week went pretty fast and caught up on most of my favourite tv shows.

I drove myself to Bondi and managed to get a park nice and close, was so self conscious walking through Bondi Junction with a cast over my nose but it didn't really attract too many stares which was nice.

Got greeted by the lovely staff and the nurse put me into a chair and began explaining what will happen. First thing was the cast removal- painless and easy. She then gave me some numbing sprays up the nose, took out some stitches and removed the internal splints; not the nicest feeling in the world but had to be done. A few soft nose blows to clear up the mucous followed by a clean and demonstration on how to apply some creams and massage techniques to improve swelling etc.

I looked in the mirror. The nose was quite swollen and the nurse explained it will change considerably over the next few days. Which it has. Some visible stitches are still in place until next week, and the internal ones are dissolvable.

Dr Mooney also offers Omnilux treatments as an option for patients. Its a type of light therapy which helps with healing and the skin etc. I choose to do this which lasted about 20minutes then I left with another sheet of instructions for the week and cast-free!


Its now been 13 days after surgery. I can breathe so well, I am sooo happy. My nose is looking great, am loving everything. Dr Mooney has done such a great job. Again, following the instructions religiously, still have a variety of medications, sprays and creams to use/take. I also chose to use Arnica and Hirudoid cream when doing the facial/nose massage as it is meant to help with the swelling and bruising.

I know it is still early days, but so far i am loving everything, it's all looking and feeling great. I can breathe so much better; positive energy all round. :D  Excited to see what the next few weeks bring.

Photos of progress attached!



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