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Bikini & braless - 4 weeks PO???


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I'm 10 days PO. Just after the 4 week mark I have a formal function to attend in the north of WA (where it's hot!) on the weekend.

That weekend my partner & his family (family doesn't know) want to do a beach day. So I'm in a pickle.

im meant to wear my PO or supportive wire-free bra for 6 weeks but now I have to wear a nice formal dress 1 night & my bikini for a few hours down the beach.

Do you think I could get away with wearing no bra in a fitted dress for the evening (no dancing, sit-down event) and then a wire-free bikini top at the beach? Or is this too risky? I'll be 4 weeks 2 days PO.

worried especially about the beach as it'll draw a lot of attention if I don't swim & remain covered up eeek! I might ask my PS at my 2 week check up but wanted to know thoughts and how strict others have been with wearing their PO bra 24/7?

Oh and might I add the alternative to the beach my partner offers me is out in the boat ? I don't know if anyone here's gone boating in the ocean but any waves & my old boobs got a pounding & I found myself holding onto them haha so no way is that an option for my new puppies!! 

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Definitely ask your PS, but I think it would be fine. 

For the first 2 weeks post op I didn't wear a bra so I imagine 4 weeks post op would be fine (and prob more comfortable!) considering how much more healed you'd be. 

Obviously not ideal since your doctor wants you in a bra 24/7, but I can't imagine it would be a big deal?


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I would follow your ps instructions. There's lots of reasons you could say you aren't swimming. Getting over an ear infection, that time of the month, etc. 

If your ps says it's fine then go for it. Also I don't remember how long post op but you're not usually allowed to swim for a certain amount of time. My surgery was in winter so I don't remember how long. 

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I went braless at about 4 weeks post op for a few hours. It was not only uncomfortable but a bit painful as well. I wouldn't recommend it personally unless your PS says its ok. Is it worth the risk?

I grew up in a beach town, I don't see why you have to wear a bikini to the beach. Plus at 4 weeks it's most likely going to be obvious you've had a BA, if that's an issue for you. Wear a singlet that hides your PO bra and some shorts. I would wear a formal dress that has some support if you must go bra less at the night time event. 

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55 minutes ago, Aphrodite said:

I really found comfort in my post op bra and honestly would have felt uncomfortable without it at 10 days post op

Have you asked your surgeon?

Sorry I'm 10 days now but don't plan to do the above until I'm just over 4 weeks.

@LaurenT thanks for sharing your experience.

Thanks everyone. I will ask my PS on Friday, I don't want to risk if if she's worried. I went 350cc so not huge but still needing support! 

I think I'll struggle with a dress that would cover my PO bra to be honest it's so big (whilst still feeling 28) so was hoping a fitted one would provide some support. Re the beach - we'd be going there TO swim normally so I guess I'm just going to have to look odd lol Ill ask my PS if I can wear a bather top and just not get them wet (as its a calm beach so sitting on the edge of the water is common without going in). Otherwise I'll just "forget" my bathers to have a legit excuse. 

It has always made me laugh seeing Thailand surgery girls posting in bikinis by the pool a week PO so I should really stick to my guns at doing this the right way!! 

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I think I went out when I was about 1.5 weeks PO without a bra, it was just uncomfortable and when I got home it hurt but maybe because I was dancing lol. if its only one day it should be fine. Don't know about a bikini though i was uncomfortable in anything besides my Po bra but that's just me

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