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TATTOO REMOVAL - I recently had an appointment with one of the doctors for a tattoo removal. First thing - I went in got my skin checked and the tattoo to see if I would be a good candidate for the Picosure laser tattoo removal. I had done my research on the different machines out there and this one was the best one to date. Following my appointment I got the all clear and go ahead from the doctor. So I booked another appointment to go in for treatment. I had to be there 20 mins earlier to apply a numbing cream by one of the nurses who was super friendly and informative needless to say I felt calm and ready to go. After the 20 minutes was up the doctor came and escorted me into one of the rooms where I would have treatment. Again the doctor was super comforting and understanding of why I wanted to have the removal. When I got my Tattoo I was quite young and at the time I thought it was cool. Now I have a tattoo on my shoulder that i dislike and makes me feel uncomfortable to where backless dresses or singlets. So I wanted it removed. We proceeded with treatment. It lasted about 2 minutes and was over before I knew it. I didnt find it painful at all. The doctor applied a cream, handed me an after care sheet and I was on my way. A couple of days later i removed the dressing and saw a significant amount colour gone. I was so excited!! Im looking forward to my next treatment and by the looks of it ill only need a couple more and it will completely gone. I highly recommend the treatment to anyone who is in the same position I was and got a tattoo and now they dont want it or like it. The staff are super friendly and I cant thank them enough for making me feel a little more confident.

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Picosure is definitely the way to go with laser tattoo removal these days. And it's so quick and pain free. The only issue we run into sometimes is that some people think that because its so quick, that it does not work and do not come back for their subsequent treatments, whereas if you just give it some time and get all your sessions done timely, it can be the most efficient solution.

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