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Revision or Explant?


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Hello Everyone and a big big thank you to everyone who shares their experiences here! It's so helpful!!

My15 year old saline implants have started to play up due to back to back babies/nursing and dramatic fat loss. This has caused the port on one side to rub and become painful at various times.

Ive had ultrasound/mammogram and consulted with Tony Connel who confirmed they should come out fairly soon. I have total faith in him and his expertise. 

Im in two minds as to whether I really want new implants as it seems saline is not used too often any longer. I'm not convinced there is enough data available on the safety of cohesive silicone and at 41 and having had no major issue yet from my current set, I just don't want to take the risk.

Im 5'7 and 54kg so I have little body fat (particularly on my upper body) so an Explant only will leave me looking pretty sad. My current size has me at a 10DD. I have no sagging, which is unbelievable given I've fed 5 babies!!! But as mentioned I've lost volume at the top and my pockets allow for quite a bit of movement.

So I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar decision to make or knows of a WA surgeon who uses saline still? Or any recommendations/advice?

Any info will help! Xx

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