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polyurethane implants?


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What are your thoughts on polyurethane implants?

i am in a nursing student and have access to scholarly, peer reviewed articles and have found this from a review of polyurethane implants after 15 years from a non-biased point of view!
 Results The complications evaluated included hematoma (0.6%), infection (0.4%), seroma (0.8%), rash (4.3%), wound dehiscence (0%), capsular contracture (0.4%), implant malposition (0.8%), need for revisional surgery (1.2%), implant rupture (0.7%), rippling (1.8%), and polyurethane-related cancer (0%). Regarding the aesthetic outcome, 95% of the patients expressed satisfaction with their final result. Conclusion, The polyurethane foam-covered implants have been proven safe for use in breast surgery. They provide the lowest rate of capsular contracture (0.4% in the current study) and excellent aesthetic results.

this is the link here! https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00266-011-9826-5

I was just after if people recommended them or not :) thankyou.


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I also have polyurethane implants. They are 3weeks off 12mths old. I love them & honestly after having mentor textured implants previously, I honestly don't feel there is any difference. Mine sit, feel, move & are just as squishy as my mentors were. 

I didn't get the rash & so far have had no issues whatsoever with them. I would highly recommend them. ?

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I love mine too @123hugme ! they feel soft and comfortable and I can do everything I used to do, I just look better doing it now! Would not change my choice of implants or my surgeon, Dr Rastogi, he is a genius! Thanks for posting this article, they're similar stats to what I've seen online before... But please take note, there's a few people on this forum avidly against the PU's, but you can't argue with the research and I truly believe it comes down to the skill and training of the surgeon operating with them in determining the success of your surgery. Good luck!

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