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Tummy Tuck with NIB Options and Dr Veerawat


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Hi to all,

Over the past 18 months I have been to a four plastic surgeons here in Newcastle and Sydney because I hate my tummy (have done forever even at my skiniest) and I wanted to have it changed.... As you can imagine the cost was ridiculous and very unaffordable especially now that medicare won't cover it, therefore my private health insurance won't either... After a huge amount of research I dumped the idea very disappointed. 

A few months ago I came across NIB options. They offer plastic surgery overseas by Australian peer reviewed plastic surgeons. They also offer peer reviewed hospitals with a twelve month after care whereby if anything goes wrong then an Australian board certified plastic surgeon will fix it here in Australia free of charge.... Plus they will only work with a small number of plastic surgeons overseas.

With that I decided to look into it..... I researched a crap load over and over again and decided to get a quote.... I was pleasantly surprised when the quote came back almost a third of the cost of what the cost would be in Australia...The quote was based on a internationally board certified plastic surgeon in Phuket for a tummy tuck.... 

NIB Options have asked for a testimonial good or bad in order for me to receive a 20% discount (this was a deal just recently, not sure if they are still offering this), which for me is a good thing.... Clearly they are trying to market themselves as there are not a lot of reviews on the company.... Plus the Dr Veeerwat does a consult first on one day and gives me one day to think about the surgery prior to going under the knife... Added bonus is that I can cancel at anytime and receive a full refund and yes at times I think I should because I am so frigging nervous at different stages.

I am also impressed by the guarantee that the Phuket International Hospital gives as well!!

So I am booked in for the procedure at the end of this month.... yes you guessed it I am one of those Australians whom due to the Medicare changes I am heading overseas to have my procedure done!!!! I am hugely scared, more so by the pain but as I have read many many times over the outcome is worth the pain - thank you for all you girls that have been writing so positively about this!!!

By the way, I am not being paid by NIB Options or forced to write about the company but I must say their offer is the only reason why I am going to Thailand due to the comfort they make me feel with their after care policy!! From the outset Claire at NIB Options has been amazing without no sales push what so ever and has responded promptly every time I contact her!!

So far I have contacted Dr Veerawat directly about spray tanning and the length of time I have to wait to swim and he has been very prompt to reply to these emails as well. I must say, I haven't seen a lot of his work reviewed, specifically on Tummy Tucks but I am more than comfortable with his CV and his achievements so far anyway. The reviews I have seen are very positive but not necessarily related to Tummy Tucks.

I will try and update as much as I can on my journey... I have a little one and a business to run so at times I am flat out but I hope to post as much as I can to keep you informed of my progress just like other wonderful informative people have done on this forum.

Hopefully talk soon!!!!


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I have just completed my surgery yesterday...

I have had an a fantastic journey so far!

The hospital in Phuket is amazing, my hospital room has three beds, two bathrooms, two tvs and a kitchenette all to your self and support person... I have never seen anything like it.  They call it a presidential suite ward....

Dr Veerawat has been warm, thorough and very easy to talk to. The staff are beautiful and constantly ask if they can do anything for you. WOW!

Paul, ex paramedic, has been with me all the way as my customer care support from NIB Options through the process and he has been wonderful and knows his stuff!

Honestly, you wouldn't make a mistake if you chose NIB Options. I originally went for them because of the Australian after care policy. 

Hope me this helps make your decision!




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