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On my way to Bangkok.....consult and surgery tomorrow with Dr Boonchai BL / BA. Fixing my saggy DD's. A range of emotions at the moment. 6 years of research all comes down to finally real and happenin

Hey ladies!  I'm on the other side!! I'm in a fair amount of pain but it's not unbearable. It hurts to sit up, like the elephant on the chest!! All looking good though. ??

OMG we are now on the "day" countdown! Feeling soo much anxiety. I am off this avo flying out for work until late Wednesday when I arrive home only to go into surgery first thing Thursday morning! Tha

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Hi Ladies - I am soo nervous about my BL and BA now (soo much so I am having second thoughts.....crazy I know). 

I know I will never regret it but I travel a lot for work (weekly flights- only 1-2 hours flights) and I am only have 2 weeks off work.  I am also scared about sleeping on my back for soo long (I am a tummy and side sleeper only) and the potential pain.............Don't know why just feeling anxious and nervous about the whole thing. I also watched the Golden Globes and saw sooo many of the beautiful famous people who had tiny boobs that looked lovely - and then of course worried that my 390 will be too big :( Anyway I know its probably normal to feel like this but thought I would share because god only knows my husband doesn't understand!

Can anyone also help me with the questions I should be asking my Dr next week at my final pre-surgery appointment? I get tongue tied when I am there and know I walk out without asking anything....................................

Thanks Ladies - Mum24

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Hey @mum24

I think its completely normal to be so nervous! You are changing a apart of your body. Do you feel like you will regret not getting it done? Even so, It's no big rush to get it done. If you are worrying too much then maybe leave it for a little bit until you become more comfortable with the idea.

I am the same as you with not being excited to sleep on my back.. I'm a huge tummy person and can only sleep on my stomach.. but I personally feel like it will be worth it in the end.

Maybe if you are worried about size, talk to your Dr about it in the consult. Ask what he thinks the outcome size will be? and maybe if its gonna be too big for your breast tissue to cause rippling.. that sorta thing.

Ask him what to expect afterwards, in regards to time frames he would recommend you reduce certain activity ( like flying ). I think it gave me more comfort when I got the post op time table of what I can and cant do in the weeks afterwards.

Take a list of questions into the consult with you, that's where I went wrong.  I had so many questions lined up and as soon as I got into the consult and he handed me the implants to put in the bra, I turned into a man and all I could think about was "BOOBIES". But I was lucky I could email my questions afterwards.

Try and think of things that first made you excited about getting new boobies, like maybe look up sexy bikinis or lingerie that your new boobs will look hot in! You know, something to get you all excited again!

But I'm sure you will be fine and be so happy afterwards which will make all this stressing for nothing :)

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My original post is still marked as hidden. (stealth boobs?)

I am booked for Feb 10th ... anatomical overs 680cc Polytech Opticon.

I've downloaded a countdown app for my phone and keep checking it. I'm a mixture of excited, scared, excited again, and just wishing Feb 10th would hurry up and get here!

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@Wandering Fairy did you get given your post op bag already? They went through it with me but didn't give it to me at my nurses appointment! Ummm seeing Dr R next week will ask then!!!! 

@Hoolahann thank you for your lovely reassuring post! I have hundreds of post op boobs saved to my phone and after reading your response I spent a long time looking at them - and now I feel content and almost 100 percent sure...... So I need to just keep reflecting and knowing that we have just one life to lead and why lead it with long flat like sausage boobs!  Your a hunny and thank you for your post! 

This photo for me is very real (and emotional) accept my boobs are worse than this ladies pre op photo!!!!  Amazing really!!!! 


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12 hours ago, Wandering Fairy said:

@splendid.leigh you're booked on the same day as me! What time are you booked in for? I'm 10:30. Same as you though, so excited and then nervous/scared and then excited again! I'm just hoping those nerves don't get the better of me.

Yay! International new boob birthday buddies! I'm in the UK - I have to be at the hospital for 7am.

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@mum24 what questions do you have so far? For my second consult the main questions I had were about my risks with double bubble and symmastia. I ended up getting the nurse though and I don't fully trust what she said so i'm going back this arvo to see Dr R and ask him personally. My other questions were just small things like 'will I look top heavy?', 'when can I go back on the pill?', 'can I try on the sizes again?', etc.

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@Wandering Fairy - my appoint is 4:50... What time is yours? Funny if we meet in person ? Yes I must ask about symmastia as this is why I cannot go bigger than 390 (despite being 5'9' and 69kg) my boobs are apparently very narrow! After my vectra imaging it also showed I have a natural difference of 100cc but you cannot see it with the naked eye so he needs to examine this again to determine if we go two different sizes.  I have some photos in an album - that is private so feel free to pm permission.... Would love your ladies opinion.  I am taking as many pre shots as possible so I can see the difference post op. Other questions I have is regarding recovery, flying and returning to exercise.  

I am also a little confused by BUPA as they yesterday said that unless I am booked into the hospital under the "lift" procedure I will get nothing back! So I need to confirm this also.  

Oh and I also want to know what type of lift I am having! 

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@mum24 I'm in at 4:00, we very well may meet, haha. Yeah, I have a very narrow breasts as well as a narrow chest, so I'm at risk and can only go 330/360 (lefty is noticeably larger and rounder). But I also don't have much tissue under my breasts so the implants need to be lowered in my chest, which may/will give me double bubble. I'll be uploading my before pics soon, I just hate taking the photos and always end up deleting them.

I'm with Medibank Private, but even though I have tuberous breasts they're not considered bad enough to claim, which sucks but I wasn't expecting to get much back anyway.

Definitely ask  Dr R all these questions when you see him. I wrote them all down and took in a list so I didn't forget.

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13 hours ago, mum24 said:

Welcome @Miss H- it's going to be an amazing year for us all on this crazy journey.

May I ask what is dual plane placement ? Mine are going under muscle....... (390cc xh profile)? 

I have my last consult today with Dr R..... any last minute questions you gals think I should ask? I kind of go blank when I am in there with him....... ?

Thanks @mum24

So glad your consult went well today! 

Dual plane is when the upper half of the implant is under the muscle. It's recommended to correct sagging I gather.

Dr R sounds really good. So glad he was able to put your mind at rest ? 

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Hello ladies! I just got on to the forum and found this February group! I'm super excited about my BA on 21 February! I'm so glad we are all going through this journey together and share the experience ❤?

On 18/01/2017 at 7:48 AM, Wandering Fairy said:

@Miss H @mum24 this video explains dual plane really well. As it turns out I'll be getting dual plane type 2.


Wow! Very informative! I need to ask my surgeon which type Hume is performing. Thanks for the video x

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On 03/01/2017 at 6:25 PM, BlingorBA said:

@Elle81 did your implants change significantly after breastfeeding your first if you don't mind me asking? I will be having one more baby after my BA - the reason I'm not waiting is that with both my boys I could still wear my normal bras when I was pregnant and breastfeeding - they were just a bit fuller than normal - not even any cleavage - that and if I wait, I can't guarantee we'll be in a financial position again that I can spare 10k 

I'm in similar situation. I have a daughter and not sure when we will have another baby but I'm not willing to say never. I'm so unhappy with my breasts now after breastfeeding over 16 months. I was flat before breastfeeding (A cup) but now seems like I only have nipples. There is no breast tissue left! I will have the implants under the muscles. My surgeon said I won't have much change after breastfeeding another baby. My breast were pretty small (full B cup) while breastfeeding. 

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3 hours ago, Wandering Fairy said:

I've watched my count down go from over 60 days to now under 20. This feels so surreal! Each day I get a bit more excited, but nervous about possible outcomes. 

I am hearing ya wandering fairy I started at 12 weeks on my boobie ticker now down to 1 week 4 days eeeekkkkkk 

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I'm booked in for 2/2 right breast capsuletomy for grade 4 cc 340cc and implant exchange to 460cc (under). 16 yrs later having revision ekkk.. my surgery 16 yrs ago was through arm pit this time under boob..


recovery as had a bad time last BA/armpit

340cc to 460cc: I'm 1.78cm 62kg 

recovery with children :(

feeling anxious!! Yikes!! 

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