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New implants and changing the pocket size. Anyone done this?

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Hi everyone! 

I posted a little while while back about getting my implants redone after breastfeeding. I've had my consult with Dr Richardson after all the great recommendations on here - thank you guys! He was so easy to talk to, straight forward and told me exactly what he's thinking of doing. 

We're going with a larger implant (from 350 to 450) with a higher profile (Mentor moderate to Motiva Full) to counteract the bit of sagging that I have (really not that much). Also he's going to be taking my pocket down a little so the implant centres under my nipple, and will also be extending the pocket toward my underarm a bit as my current implants are sitting very close. He says this will help prevent symmastia - which I'm a bit scared about! 

I'm also nervous about lowering the pocket, will they look too low?

If anyone has had this, or seen results from this type of thing, could you please let me know how it went? Do you love them? 

Cant wait to hear from you all 😊

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