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Cosmos Clinic review: My (Very Detailed) Vaser liposuction diary performed by Dr Joseph Ajaka

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I had Vaser Liposcution at Cosmos Clinic in 2013.  These are my diary entries that I wanted to share with you


About me:

I’m 21 years old and have always struggled with my weight. I was a very chubby and unhappy child and that carried on throughout my teen years until I hit about 16. I lost most of my excess blubber a very unhealthy way through starving myself and excess exercise. Although I did this, I was still miserable and it wasn’t an easy thing to keep up and I was still never able to loose my belly fat! I put about 10kg of weight back on a year later mostly on my inner thighs and abdomen.

I now live a very healthy lifestyle through dieting and training but my belly/thigh fat still remains so I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to enjoy my body when I was still young. After months of research I called Cosmos clinic in double bay to make an apt.

Consultation: 6/11/13

From the moment I walked through the doors at cosmos I felt so comfortable and at home. The nurse, Laura, took me into a room and talked with me for over an hour about Vaser liposuction. She was so friendly and answered all my neurotic questions! Dr. Ajaka came in shortly after and was just as kind and friendly as Laura was. I could tell he knew what he was talking about from the second he opened his mouth. He was very realistic about my results and assured me that I was in the best care. I’m going to be getting my lower abdomen, upper abdomen (as well as some high def on those areas) my inner and outer thighs and my lower back. We scheduled my Vaser date for 2/12/13.

The day before: 1/12/13

I am so excited but right now my nerves are taking over the excitement. I have spent every night on my laptop doing research, reading blogs, reviews, looking at photos etc. I’m not very nervous about the after pain to be honest, as I know that it just means I’m healing and my body is recovering but what I am most nervous about is the pain during which not many people talk about on the blogs. I’m fine with pain when I’m recovering but just not with pain during a procedure – I have severe needle phobia! I’m probably driving Laura crazy as I have emailed her so many times about pain management but she insists that its completely normal to be nervous and has answered all of my queries. I’m going to have twilight sedation for the procedure as well as P****rox when I need it (The green whistle) and Happy Gas so I should probably stop being so paranoid! They have given me a relaxation tablet to take tonight so when I arrive at cosmos tomorrow morning at 7am I will be chilled out.

Pre Vaser 3.jpgPre Vaser 1.jpgPre Vaser 2.png

The Day of: 2/12/13

6:30am: Right now I’m actually feeling pretty chilled. I have to be there by 7am and we are starting around 8am. I’m not sure if I’m chilled because of the tablet they gave me last night? Or this is just the calm before the storm... (Lets hope for the first option) My issue is that I’m a nervous crier so the last thing I want to do is start blubbering away and look like a small infant… Well I guess the next time I blog will be this afternoon when I get home from the surgery and I’ll upload pics then. (I apologies if this blog is far to detailed and in depth but I just want everyone reading this to know my full experience, not just the happy or unhappy snippets of it!)

All Over!

It’s officially done! I think it took approx. 4 hrs. and the whole time I was relatively comfortable. Time flies insanely quickly when you’re under twilight sedation, which I was. All the nurses, including Dr. Ajaka were so friendly and made me laugh and forget about anything I was worried about. The local anesthetic stings a bit when they put it in but I was also sucking on happy gas so it was almost like I didn’t care about the pain? (which was very minimal anyway) I remember saying ouch a few times but every time I said it they stopped immediately and put in more sedation, which made me really at ease. There were parts that I would call uncomfortable rather than painful to the vibrating form the vaser cannula, which would have been more likely to make me laugh than cry. When I look back at it I only remember snippets and it seems to have been more like a dream then reality. After it was done I had my garments put on which made me feel really supportive and walked to recovery where I snoozed for about 2hrs. Not going to lie, as the local was wearing off I was in quite a bit of pain but it was always bearable pain, nothing crazy intense. When I got home I went straight to bed, took 2 pa****ene f***es, had something small to eat and drink, which made me feel a lot better

Night/Day One 2 Dec 2013, Day of treatment

Ouchy…Very uncomfortable! I felt like a fish out of water just flapping around trying to get comfy and every time I moved it felt like my skin was stretching. Also I leaked like a tap… light colored blood all over my garment as mine is skin color and all over everywhere I sat. Yuck, very off putting. It was a very bad idea of mine to sleep when I got home from the procedure straight away at 5pm (even though that It was all I felt like doing) because I was then wide awake by midnight which wasn’t fun. I just lay there and listen to relaxing earthy music which really helped and relaxed me so I suggest that to anyone in the same position. I’m about to go for my first shower which I am super nervous about to see how I look and also I hope I don’t faint. I’ll also post pictures after ?

The marathon shower event 2 Dec 2013, Day of treatment

Just took off all my gear standing up.. not a good idea at all. My mum took it off me and everything started to go blurry and I couldn’t hear myself or what she was saying out loud which was not a nice experience. I then lay flat on the back in bed and took the rest off and felt a whole lot better. I was nervous to look in the mirror incase I would hate what I would see but I loved it! There was hardly any bruising which was great and my tummy had tightened up dramatically and my back looked so smooth. I was very swollen though and the drains in my lower abs really freaked me out. Even though I didn’t get my arms done I felt so lethargic when washing my hair and soaping myself so it did feel nice to get back in bed and just have a chill out. At 4:30pm I have my after care massage, which I am very nervous about.

Post vaser pics 1.jpgPost vaser pics 2.jpgPost vaser pics 3.jpgPost vaser pics 5.jpgPost vaser pics 4.jpg

Pain 2 Dec 2013, 

It hurts a lot when I stand up from sitting or sit down from standing but once I’ve actually started moving around I feel fine and once I have found a comfy seated position I feel fine too.

Just had my lymphatic massage and it felt very strange.. some areas were numb on my stomach so it felt really weird when she rubbed them. She also told me that they took out 1.5L of fat from the belly…wow…Allot more than both doctor and me expected! I feel pretty nauseous from all the meds though which isn’t good but I’m praying I have good nights sleep tonight!

Oh the Itching! 3 Dec 2013, 

I’m very close to ripping my skin out because I’m so damn itchy! Has anyone else experienced this? I honestly would rather be in pain than itch, its thatttt annoying.. (rant over)

So last nights sleep was better than the one before and I can now sleep on both sides too! Yay! I’m still a bit sore but I feel better and more energized than I did yesterday and I could actually enjoy my shower this morning instead of feeling like I was going to pass out. Most of my leaking has subsided apart from the drains in my front, which still really freak me out. I’ve stopped taking pa****ene f***e and moved down to just normal pannadol as the codeine was really blocking me up inside which has made me feel super uncomfortable and even more bloated than I should be which isn’t good. Nothing more to report from today!

Day Three 4 Dec 2013, 

Its so strange that its only been three days since my procedure, it feels like its been weeks. The pain is almost non-existent which is great but the itching is still frustrating but power of the mind is a strong thing and when I don’t think about the itching, it goes away after a while. My massages are getting more and more intense as they are starting to put more pressure on the areas that they are massaging which can be really uncomfortable at times but I know that it has to be done. The drains are now coming out in two days as I’m still leaking a lot from them due to the vaser hi deff on the abs and I’m still really nervous about that but I’m trying not to think about it to much until I have to!

Day Four: 6 Dec 2013, 

My feet and ankles are so swollen! I got a bit scared at first that something was terribly wrong but the nurse says its totally normal!

The drains are out! 6 Dec 2013, 

So I went into the clinic for my massage and for the drains to be removed and I was literally sweating bullets. I was so nervous and anxious about the whole idea of these long straws being pulled out of me. I feel like a total idiot now because I did not feel a thing… I was hyperventilating the whole time and I asked the nurse to pull them out ‘really slowly’ and just after I finished saying that she laughed at me and said ‘They’re already out..’

So now I feel really good because over the past five days I’ve just been nervous about this so now when I take off my garments I don’t have to feel disgusted by them and I can just concentrate on my body healing and my progress!

Day Seven Pictures 8 Dec 2013

Day 7 pics 3.jpgDay 7 pics 4.jpgDay 7 pics 1.jpgDay 7 pics 2.jpg

Day Fourteen (Week 2): 15 Dec 2013, 

I’m feeling really great overall but I wish I did this in Winter due to the un-comfort of wearing all my gear in the Australian summer.. The itching has pretty much stopped (thanks to DermAid Soft cream) but sleeping has been pretty tough with the black corset on. But good news now is that from today I only have to wear it for 12hrs for two weeks instead of 24 hours, which will make sleeping a hell of a lot easier. I have found it difficult to find clothing to wear with the corset on as it comes right up to my armpits which makes wearing sleeveless maxi dresses a no-no so I have to settle for the t-shirt style and look very ‘heavy’. For the past two days every morning I’ve been going for a 20minute swim which has made me feel amazing just to get out of the suit and do some light exercise. I find that in the morning my body looks good but in the afternoon I swell up quite a lot (almost back to my old shape), which can be pretty unsettling at times. Overall I’ve been super happy with how I look at this point (even though I still have a long way to go) but I still think that my inner thighs are quite swollen as I haven’t seen much change but I’m trying not to get upset about it as its only week two. I’ve noticed that I feel a lot more confident already with how I look and I can’t wait to see the improvement in the next few weeks.

Day 14 Pics 1.jpgDay 14 Pics 2.jpgDay 14 Pics 3.jpgDay 14 Pics 4.jpgDay 14 Pics 5.jpg

Day Twenty-Two (Week 3): 25 Dec 2013, 

I probably didn’t pick the best night in the world to blog as I’ve just indulged in a three course Christmas dinner and am now the size of two small houses… But apart from that, everything is going pretty good apart form the bloating. Everything looks all nice and flat and pretty in the morning but right after I eat a meal, even if it’s a small bowl of cereal, I get really bloated which can be pretty off putting and upsetting. Does this happen to anyone else??

I am also starting to get a few lumps and bumps under my skin, especially where they did the High Deff, but that doesn’t bother me too much apart from the fact that they are very tender to touch and especially massage. I know I shouldn’t be too worried about the bloating/swelling as I’m only three weeks in but patience has never been my strongest quality. I’ve been doing a few incline walks on the treadmill which has made me feel good but it has also drawn to my attention how much of my cardio fitness I have lost which makes me very sad… Overall though, everything is going quite well.

I actually much prefer leaving my garment on than taking it off (I know that sounds strange) as when its on, although its uncomfortable, I feel really supported by it and when its off I tend to get a bit light headed and feel pretty icky.

Week three pics 25 Dec 2013

Week Three Pics 1.jpgWeek Three Pics 2.jpgWeek Three Pics 3.jpgWeek Three Pics 4.jpg

Week Four: 29 Dec 2013, 

Just did my first training  session after a month… Boy it was hard but I feel great now!

My body is looking and feeling quite lumpy and bumpy which isn't fun but I'm still massaging everyday so hopefully it will all go away soon!

Week Four 3.jpgWeek Four 2.jpgWeek Four 1.jpgWeek Four 4.jpg

Week Five:

5 Jan 2014, 

I can’t believe it’s been five weeks! Time is just racing by and only more week left before I don’t have to wear the spanx (yay). Everything is going pretty good, there is no real pain unless someone pokes or prods me in sensitive areas (my sides are super sensitive still). The one thing that does annoy me still, is my yo-yo swelling. Everything looks really good and flat in the mornings but as the day progresses my swelling increases, which can be quite disheartening at the end of the night when I feel like a balloon. I’m still trying to not be upset as it’s only been five weeks and the true results are seen after a few months. I’ve been training everyday this week which has been really tough as my fitness has really taken a beating from a four week rest but I’m still pushing on as I know it’s going to benefit my results. I can’t even express how much this whole experience has helped my confidence levels - its insane. I no longer have to worry about a bulging belly when I wear tight fit clothing or feel crappy when I look at myself in the mirror, its helped finally after 21 years feel really good about myself which is awesome.

Week Five 2.jpgWeek Five 1.jpgWeek Five 4.jpgWeek Five 3.jpg

Week Six:

12 Jan 2014,

I made it!! Six weeks down, which means I don’t have to wear any more gear and I have my photos take today at the clinic. Dr. Ajaka has asked me if I want to do PRP injections for my scar tissue but I don’t think I want to.. I’ve already been traumatized enough by the fear of needles!! and the scar tissue really doesn’t bother me that much and I know it will go away (Its already started to fade anyway) I’m super happy with the results so far and I know that my body will keep changing and shrinking for a few more weeks!

For anyone reading this and considering doing Vaser, I’ll tell you now that Vaser liposuction does not have an easy recovery - yes it does hurt, yes the spanx and corset is very annoying, and yes its frustrating how much your body bloats and gets lumpy and bumpy but boy is it worth it. Not only have I changed physically, by mentally I am so much stronger and more confident within myself. I look in the mirror and I love what I see. I know my body isn’t perfect, far from it, but this has given me the platform to allow myself to train harder, eat healthier and just enjoy life more. I now train six times a week including person training, spin classes and Pilates and before when I would train I wouldn’t see results so I would think – why do I bother? But now that I have this body I can see the improvements everyday and it makes me so happy. So anyone considering it, from my experience, it’s very worth it but you need to know that it’s not an excuse to be lazy after, it’s a springboard to a healthier happier lifestyle.

Week Six 3.jpgWeek Six 2.jpgWeek Six 1.jpgWeek Six 4.jpg




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I just wanted to say thank you for the detailed journal of your procedure and first 6 weeks of recovery. I have just booked in Dr Mitchell Kim at Cosmos Clinic on the Gold Coast and I am very nervous. I have a little more weight to lose than you did, however, it was really great reading your account and seeing the photos as it helps me understand what to expect. You look great and I hope that you have continued to feel confident in yourself!

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