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September Gals.....!!!

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as no one else has posted a September roll call, I thought I would start one ;) Please add your details and dates, so we can all support each other through this exciting but possibly scary journey.

I've been waiting for what seems like forever....booked early Jan (I think) with Dr Piayapas, and now have less than 4 weeks to wait..Yay!!

Hoping for 10DD, round smooth mentor, considering somewhere around 400-450cc

chacha ;)

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Yay not long now for everyone in September! Thanks for starting this thread chacha! :D

I am having a BA on September 17th with Dr Papadopoulos. I was having a TT at the same time but have now decided to have it later, probably not for another year or 2. I am a 12A/AA and probably getting 380cc textured round implants, hoping for a 12D/DD :)

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Woohoo!! it's getting very exciting for all of us! Mumof4, at the moment you seem to be first up. Yes I've had the odd weird dream too, though I must say in general I don't remember them very often, so probably having more than I can recall!

Just can't wait till Sept is over, I have the new girls and they are starting to settle in......I must, I must, I must be paitient :)


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Aaah!!!! this thread just made me realise that it is finally going to happen! September 22nd for me with Dr Poomee. Not sure on size yet but I want to finish up as a C, will be getting silicone unders

Coco20, I was all set to go to Dr Briggs too but because I am also getting a lift it was going to be too expensive for me to handle. I would be interested in hearing how you go because I have friends in Perth who are considering a local surgeon. I have sent you a FR :)

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While I'm here, can anyone give me advice on the pros and cons of the different type of implants? I am hoping my surgeon will push me in the right direction but I also want to be leaning in one particular direction before I see him. I want very natural looking breasts so I thought I would get teardrop but then I read somewhere that when you are laying down round looks more natural because it falls like a normal breast would. Is that true?

So many questions!!!

Round vs tear drop

High vs mod profile

Textured vs smooth

silicone vs saline

Brazillan?? - I dont even know what this is

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Mumof4 I just saw that were booby buddies! 3rd sept woot woot! Do you know what time your surgery is yet? Mine is first up at this stage, I hope that doesn't change so I want it over with soooo badly!!

We are too!!! LOl Looks like your surgery will be before mine Boobie mumma mine is booked in for 11 am. Thinking the morning will drag for me!!! I see your going with Dr Harwood. I had a consult with him and thought he was fantastic. Unfortunately he doesn't do Breast Lifts which I need. Happy with Dr Richardson, he is straightforward and reassuring at the same time.

And Honeybee, I went for Brazilian Amatomicals because they have a pretty low to no risk of cc. I wanted something that will last longer with less risk. I did heaps of research on types of implants and felt for me they are the best option. :o I also chose anatomical over round because I wanted a more natural shape rather than round look. Plus with Brazilian round they can show outline more. Overall it depends what look your hoping to achieve. Good luck!!

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Hi Boobie Mumma,

why don't you let Dr H know you are considering upping it and then see if he thinks it's possible, and maybe (as it looks like for alison), he can see on the day what will fit?

Wow.....you op is so soon!! You must be one of the first ones up for Sept!!! :)


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Ok I'm having an attack of the boobie greed!! I woke up this morning thinking maybe I want 360's instead of 315's. Please tell me that 315's can look big??

Hi Boobie mumma - every now and then I have the exact same thought! I can definitely fit the 360s if I want - but I'm pretty sure I want the 315s.

They can definitely look big, particularly since you're getting overs. I think you have to work out exactly what you're comfortable with. 315s can def take some A cups to a D (or bigger), 360s could mean DD/E territory - I really don't want to end up with Es. Some girls can definitely rock em - but I think I'd look ridiculous and feel self-conscious of them..

What's your BWD & ribcage measurement?

In saying that, I do lie awake some nights thinking maybe 360s, as boobie greed sets in! Haha

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Lol JenJen, I knew you were in the same boat as me! I remind myself that when I get boobie greed Dr H said if I lost anymore weight then the 315's would look out of proportion, so I can only imagine how the 360's might look.

He originally said that 315 would give me a full C but then said I actually think you will end up a D cup. I'd hate to go to an E.

I emailed my hubby this morning and told him of my boobie greed and he was so sweet in his response and said listen to Dr H as he wouldn't lead me astray and it's time to get brave and enjoy the journey of getting my confidence back.

Im fighting the flu at the moment so hoping I can kick it and be well for surgery.

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