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I need to be a real man but I have breast like a woman. Great result gynecomastia with Dr.Darin Muangthai, Bangkok/Thailand.

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Its was really perfect result gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Darin Muangthai (Specialist plastic sugeon at The SIB clinic, Thailand)

I suffered from gynecomastic since i was young. I am always worried about it for long time as I am a real man but why did I have large breast like a woman like this. I told my friends about this and asked them if they have any idea to deal with it. And was so lucky that one of my friend was also faced with this problem like me and he suggested to go to do gynecomastia surgery. He told me he was done it already in Bangkok, Thailand with Dr.Darin at the SIB clinic and the result like his expected.

After that, I was searching about the surgeon and clinic. I saw so many reviews of them. They do so many surgery services and also gynecomastia surgery. So, I started to contact them and then I planned to go to Thailand to do it.

I have been to Thailand in June, 2nd and had consultation with the surgeon for free. The surgeon and staff was so kind, friendly and answer all of my question. After the consultation I decided to do it with them in June, 3rd. I am bit afraid of it but I have to do for myself.

After the operation, I feel like I am a real man. The surgeon take those ugly breast out from me. I want to say thank you a lot for the surgeon and their team for helping me. It has been only 10 days and I can be new one with normal and natural breast as a man should be. Cheers! Ben.

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