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Cosmetique Perth and other questions!

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Hello, Im back again.... ive been on here since 2015 and still havent had a ba yet :(  I really want to have it done but for one reason or another ive put it off over and over...  (scared of recovery time, money, borderline lift worries, having a 3 year old to deal with!)

Ive finally made the decision to have it done. I was told through a photo only consult i was borderline lift which added and extra worry for me because I really dont want a lift. Im almost 6ft tall around 73 kgs so if i had to go bigger i could probably carry it well but I dont want to be restricted by huge boobs. 

Ive looked into a few perth surgeons and ive noticed a few new ones pop up since i last looked! Also the prices are getting better which is positive but id love to hear some experiences from clients!

Also if anyone has been borderline lift and went with ba only id love to hear your experiences

Thank So much :) 

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