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Ashley louise

Breast reduction

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has been on the public waiting list for breast reduction surgery? I've tried other sites but so far no responses! 

Im on the public waiting list and have been waiting for about a year. How long has anyone been waiting or how long did you wait to get your surgery? 

I'm eager to find out any stories since living with a 14F cup is not pleasant! And I'd love to know roughly how long I should expect to be waiting for. Thanks!

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Hi Ashley Louise,

I guess it depends on the demand at the time. I got on the waiting list back in 2012 and was contacted by the Mater Brisbane within 2 weeks. They scheduled the surgery within a month but I chickened out and put it off for 6 months...and then another 6 months. They eventually took me off the wait list after a few failed attempts at rearranging the surgery.

I couldn’t ignore my issues with size 12J boobs any longer so I reapplied through my GP in 2015. I didn’t hear a thing for 2 years and then eventually got a letter to go in to pre-admissions Feb 2017. The surgeon put me on the longest waiting list which was within a year (due to the fact that I said that I don’t have major ailments from my large breast size besides the weight of them and back problems). I just got another letter with a booking for Feb 1st 2018. I was thankful for the year wait list because it gave me the opportunity to lose excess weight and get fit, which is what they recommend prior to surgery. 

When you go to pre admissions, make sure you tell the surgeon all the problems you are experiencing with your large breast size if you want to get on the 30 or 90 day wait lists (such as chafing or heat rash under your boobs, severe back pain etc). 

Hope this helps. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how my surgery went. 

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