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I have been liaising with a cosmetic surgeon in Cairns who does not have any direct experience correcting tuberous breasts, which i've since decided not to go with her because of her inexperience and poor contact and communication with her office ( for example, not having emailed replied to at all or waiting 3 months for contact ect.. ect)

I got my photos sent to medicare and waited 8 months for approval ( has anyone else experienced waiting this long for their photo assessments to be approved, or to get word on them?)
Nevertheless, it was approved and these are the item numbers i received.


I replied to the email from the surgeons office asking for some clarification around what this all means in the context of money and coverage with private health and never got a reply ( sent on the 3rd of november).

This surgeon told me i needed to procedures, the first one to realign and change the nipple on the bigger breast then 3 months later have the implants put itn

I am looking into
Dr Paul Belt
Dr Ellis Choy
Dr Miroshnick.

I will upload photos at a later stage.

I was wondering if anyone could provide some personal experiences or advice around what surgeon to go with, whether or not they required 1 or 2 procedures, and what these medicare numbers mean? also, if you have had 2 procedures, do you pay upfront for everything for the first then get some back, then pay upfront for the second then get some back.. ect ect.

I also contacted my private health insurere and they wont give me any information without supplying the name and date of surgery; who the anesthetist is and what hospital ect.

ANY information about any of this would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks lovely ladies

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