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Hi there! I'm going in for my BA on 20th December! While I'm happy with my weight (5ft 2, 56 kgs, small frame up top), I still plan to lose a couple of kilos (maybe 3-5 kgs) after my surgery. I store most of my fat in my thighs, butt but still do lose weight from my boobs. Should this prospective weight loss post surgery affect my implants? 

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With a weight loss that small no not much, but if you do loose a bit of body fat off your boobs like you say your implant may look more visible if you went over the muscle not so much if you go under.  Im just over 4 wpo myself and want to loose about 3-5 kg myself as i have gaind about 3.5 not including boob weight since surgery but think i still have a little bit of fluid and swelling still. My ps told me it can take up to 3 moths to go away 

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