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Love life & new boobies

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Hi ladies i was just wondering if anyone's love life ( sex life) has increased since their new boobies, my husband cant stop staring at them and has given them pet names ? and when i go to bed at night he will give me and my girls a kiss?, i think its pretty obvious to say that hubby is a boob man but befor my boobs he says he wasn't 

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I found my husband took a while to adjust to my new boobs. He was afraid he'd hurt me as I was still healing. Plus I think too he found them hard and not like a natural, soft breast. But I am now 3 years post op, and with the D & F process my boobs are heaps softer and more jigglier. So he is constantly touching them when no one or the kids are around. My hubby also said prior to surgery he wasn't a boob man............but I was a 10A then...........no boobs.........so I think he was just being nice. :) 

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