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Much difference between 455cc and 535cc on a skinny petite girl? (Paranoia attack)

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Hey girls, I posted a couple of weeks ago with pictures of me wearing the the 455 sizers. 

I'm 159cm, 49kg, 12cm breast width and currently a small 30b

I was going to go for uhp 480cc which were 11.5 width. However as my own boob is 12cm width I decided to go up to 535cc which is 12.1cm. Hoping this will fit my own boob width better? I don't want my boobs to look narrow... 

Will it make a HUGE difference to my look going up to 535? I know they will be quite big which is fine but I think I'm being paranoid because I've got small boobs so when I imagine having BIG boobs I imagine people pointing at me in the street and whispering lol. 

Do you think 535 is going to make me look too wide or matronly and top heavy? (ie will adding 80cc to each boob compared to my old pictures be ridiculous?)  

My main worry is that if I go down to 455cc, the uhp implant will be 1cm narrower than my own boob. And if I go down to high profile (instead if uhp), the biggest I can go is 400cc.l due to width. 

Surgery is next week and I'm freaking out over the size. Still don't know what to do. And in the UK we don't get to wait and see what fits...we have to choose before surgery as they only buy in one size for you. 




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33 minutes ago, TheFox said:

80cc is not much difference - equivalent to two shot glassess really but I think it will be enough to make a difference.

They are both large implants for your height and weight so I take it your going for the more augmented look anyway. - Most people say when in doubt go bigger

Well I feel like I'm having a crisis at the moment as it's less than a week to my surgery and I'm now unsure of what look i even want anymore. I'd rather not have the augmented look (I'd rather have giant real boobs lol) but I also don't want small boobs either. 

I feel like if I got smaller implants I would be happy initially then I would just wish I hadn't been so scared to go bigger. As I have very small boobs now, I think ANYTHING is going to seem giant to me at first. 

I like the look of my body with a top if I put in 500cc bags of rice. It does look a tiny bit top heavy but it does look quite cute. (removed 35cc rice to account for under muscle) 

But then if I put in a 400cc bag of rice I think well that looks a bit more "respectable"... 

But then part if me thinks well 400cc isn't exactly going to look real either so why not just get nice big tatas and forget about whether I look fake or not. 


I am honestly having a total crisis right now as I have 2 days to decide all of this!! 


But yes @TheFox, you are right. When I wear the 455 sizers I think they're a fine size but i know I'll lose some to under the muscle with the real implant, which is pushing me to go to 535 to get the look of the sizers but maybe a smidge bigger. Do you think this is what will happen if I go the 80cc bigger? 

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56 minutes ago, Wanting boobs said:

I agree with The Fox, 80 cc will be enough of a difference but will not be to over the top as im guessing you are wanting the fake look anyway. My ps said to me would i be disappointed if i spent all that money and was to big or to small and i said to small so i chose the bigger implant and i dont regret it one little bit 

Lol that's a good way of thinking about it! I would definitely be more disappointed if they were too small. I kind of want to wake up excited about my boobs every morning, not just accepting of them ?

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