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I just got back from Thailand while there I visited Thantakit International Dental Hospital in Bangkok on the recommendation of a friend who had been there. They sent a car to pick me up from my hotel, I was really impressed with their service and how big and modern their facility is. 

I had been unhappy with my teeth for years. I had braces when I was in school but i was not happy with the white spots on them. When I'd whiten my teeth they would never look white due to the paper white stains on my teeth. I also was missing my two lateral incisors (I had one to begin with but it was removed when I got braces) This meant that my two canine teeth are immediately after my two central incisors. 

I originally was going to get Porcelain Veneers, but didn't want to have my teeth shaved down.  I opted for compasite veneers instead. 

I had zoom2! Whitening done first, they applied the whitening gel a total of 4 times over an hour. When it was completed the dentist checked my tooth shade again, it was 4 shades whiter and had gotten to the whitest shade you can get your teeth to. When I have had zoom! whitening in Australia the gel was only applied once and the results were not very good. 

My 6 upper compasite veneers were then matched to the new white shade. The dentist did a fantastic job. I am extremely happy with the results. 

I paid a in total of $1500 Aud. Money well spent as since getting back in the space of two weeks  have had over 50 compliments from co-workers, friends and family. People notice my new smile straight away! It feels amazing to finally have a great smile. 

I had wanted veneers for years after having braces. I went to Bangkok Dental Spa in 2011. The dentist there had wanted me to get 14 porcelain veneers and 4 crowns, at a cost of around $9000. When I told my dentist in Australia she was mortified! I had a laser gum lift done at the clinic, at least two of my teeth were not done correctly. The whole  experience put me off the whole idea of veneers and any further dental work in Thailand.

Luckily I found thantakit, they are very skilled and honest and did not try and sell my a mouth full of veneers that I did not need like the first place. I can't thank them enough!






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