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Revision of displacement and double bubble

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Hey ladies. 

Wondering if anyone can share some stories or reassurance. 

I had my surgery in Thailand 13 months ago and have double bubble and breasts have bottomed out laterally. While I'm lucky my double bubble isn't too bad. I've bottomed out laterally so when I lay down they essentially fall into my armpits. 

Feels like my boobs have sagged a bit and my cleavage is not that great when not in a bra. The hospital in Phuket is covering most of the surgery to fix it- but they said it'll be determined what's actually being done when I'm over there: 


just wondering if anyone else has had revision for something similar and if you've had good outcomes? 

Ive become so self conscious I hardly like having my partner see me naked anymore... I used to love them so much, and now it's bdvkmt such a thing. 

Thanks in advance! 

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