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Best surgeon for BL & BA in Melbourne - Open to ALL Recommendations!

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Hi Lovely Ladies!

I am new to the Boobie world and looking for some recommendations - I've just had my consult with Dr. Tim Brown (Berwick) yesterday and he basically told me I'm too skinny to go under the muscle and that my skin has not enough elasticity and i will almost defintiely need to go back for another BL in 18 months. 
He said I am only 12mm on the fat calliper test and I need to be at least 20mm? It's all confusing LOL. 
I am also quite active and I thought you were supposed to go under the muscle for lifestyles like that? Again I'm so new to all of this and probably have no idea what I'm on about :lol:

He said I can go 420cc sub fascia. I am quite tall - 175cm & 60kgs. I am only 24yrs old & I've stopped breastfeeding for 2 months now. 
I feel a little disappointed walking away hearing all of this so my GP referred me to Hamish Farrow today. 

Just called his rooms and booked in for March. Which is an extremely long wait in comparison to Tim Brown who i was booked in a few days after calling. 

Any reviews on Farrow? Or any other recommendations? I've only found around 10 on here for Hamish Farrow and haven't found someone with a similar body to myself yet. 

Thanks so much xoxo

(Uploaded a pic of myself for reference haha)


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Hi Kimmy,

Just thought I’d let you know that my friend had breast augmentation with Hamish Farrow, and when I saw her boobs and asked who her surgeon was (because they looked fabulous) she highly recommended him. Said he was lovely, listened to what she wanted and she is stoked with the results. 

She is as slender as you, the exact same body type, but a little shorter. 


My advice is go with the surgeon you feel most comfortable with :) 

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I had mine done in September with Hamish, I was so worried about going through with it, but I have to say it was so much easier than I thought. He clearly knows what he is doing, I had them done on the Wednesday, on the Friday I washed my hair, went to a party and drove myself home. I was back to work the following Tuesday. I am really happy with the results. I totally recommend him. I was concern as he isn't mentioned much on here and doesn't market himself like the others, however because the doctors recommend him I thought I would  meet him and I have no regrets.

I am 172cm and 60kgs 

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