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Breast implant revision - smaller implants

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I had breast augmentation surgery in August and I am unhappy with my results. They are way too large and wide and project too much. I was a saggy C and hoping to fill my upper pole and end up with a D cup but I am now a large DD-E and look way too top heavy to the point I feel uncomfortable in clothes, and bathers especially now that it’s summer. 

Has anyone successfully gone through with a revision to smaller implants and what were your results? Was the cost the same as the original surgery? I really can’t afford more surgery at the moment but I’m so unhappy with the result, they are way too obvious and I didn’t even want anyone to know about it, I just wanted my breasts filled out :(


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Hi @Honeylove i am so sorry to hear that you are not happy with your breast augmentation,  im only 6 wpo myself atm so still waiting for the D&F. 

I have heard that you have to wait about a year for any kind of revision if its not related to the implant being faulty or a complication,  if you dont mind me asking what size implant sid you get and were you borderline needing a lift as most ps will suggest using a larger implant to lift the breast, dont mean to be nosy but wondering if that's why you feel they are to big for you.  ?

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Hi Honeylove. I'm sorry you're feeling this way :( I went through a period where I felt mine were too large also. Did you have round or teardrop implants?  I discussed the possibility of revision with my surgeon and he was fantastic. Had I decided to go ahead with it, it would've been about 1/3 of the price of the initial augmentation. But this was because of several factors, one being that he'd been offered a free set of implants from Allergan (a new textured implant) so he was able to waive the costs of replacement implants for me. However, you still need to pay a theatre fee, anaesthetist's fee and the surgeon's fee (at his/her discretion) so this all comes into play. If you have private health, you may be in a better position to have those fees reduced. Generally, if you return to the same surgeon and express your discomfort, he should try to help you achieve your desired result and the cost shouldn't be as much as the first time, but this depends on the surgeon and reasons for wanting a revision.  

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Thanks for your responses! I was borderline on needing a lift and got 300cc implants, which I guess filled me out more than I had hoped. When I said I wanted a natural look it was first suggested that I go with 265 and 285 (I think, can’t remember exact sizing but in the 200s!). I actually went with the 300 cc after using the rice sizers and reading so much about people getting boob greed and now I have the opposite! They are round implants and I do also feel like they are an odd shape - probably because I am in need of a lift down the track. 

I think I will go back at my 6 month consultation as originally planned and discuss my options. If it will be a third of the price I may be able to consider it (I paid $10k all up). 

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i wanted to go smaller, much smaller then I had.
I was advised that the safest option would be to remove my implants and wait 6 months so the pocket would close and then I could go back in and reaugment them. Without waiting, downsizing would give me a much higher risk of implant rotation even if I had internal sutures (internal bra) to make the pocket smaller


FYI i had my implants removed and its great - dont regret my decision to have them out and will defiintely go way smaller next time

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On 2/12/2018 at 8:30 PM, Honeylove said:

Thanks @TheFox - can I ask if there is loose skin/sagging with the removed implants and what was the cost of having them removed?


And if you don’t want to give the actual cost, how did it compare to the cost of inserting the implants (same, half, a third, etc)?



its strange but my breasts are much more fluffy and firmer (tighter) then before my BA. Im not sure if it is because i got a breast augmentation so soon after i stopped breast feeding or if it is because the surgery has left scar tissue in my pocket, either way, they are not as bad as i thought

Also, I had a lot of mine covered under private health insurance as I had chronic inflammation on the breast pocket and was starting to get really sick from it

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On 2/16/2018 at 5:54 AM, Honeylove said:

Oh wow, that’s interesting! As I already had some droopiness I’d be worried that it would be much worse after implant removal but at this point I feel it would be better than what I have now. 


Thanks for your response @TheFox

i thought the same thing and maybe my case is the exception not the rule but I am pleasantly surprised and it has made the waiting time with no implants much more bearable. The only time I wish for implants is when i wear a bikini

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