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When is a person too young for a nose job? 

I have a nephew who had his nose a bit crooked due to an accident a year ago. Adding to that, he is also experiencing some difficulty in breathing. Aside for aesthetic purposes, i think the surgery will be good for his health and well-being too.

Due to the purpose of having the rhinoplasty done, is it possible for us to get it covered by insurance? 

Your answers will be deeply appreciated.  

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Most rhinoplasty surgeons will not operate on patients until they are skeletally mature. This is different for each patient but bone growth tends to be complete in the middle to late teens for girls and late teens to early 20s for boys. It's important to wait until the nose is mature and stable before making any adjustments. The reason for this is that adjustments made while the nose is still growing can under or over estimate the ideal end result. It is also important to make sure that the patient is emotionally mature to handle the surgery as well as the expected recovery process.

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