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Week 3 post op and sore nipples....

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1 hour ago, rock#3 said:

Is this normal??  They just ache...can't touch them, when I take off my bra they hurt...I know still alot of movement etc but just checking in ?

Hey hun, I think it's pretty normal, mine ache too and are very sensitive - especially when I first take off the bra. My surgeon said this may happen. I think it's because the skin has been stretched so much and our poor nips are like WTF? Hopefully, they settle down soon and stop being hyper-sensitive. Maybe some ladies further down the recovery track can share some good news on when this eases up :)

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Ha ha ? sorry for laughing its not at your sore nipples but its what @sabP said i was gonna say somthing like that but she said it so well. Yes its quite normal mine were very sensitive until about 5 weeks then it started to settle they still get sensitive every now and then and every time i cough, sneeze or fart ? ??they go hard , i caught them with the stream from my hair dryer the other day a boom rock hard nipples,  guess its better than the other as some people report that their nipples go numb. If it gets a bit to uncomfortable you can try breast pads, i did that for a few days and it helped.  

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It's probably a good sign (even though it feels uncomfortable!) as the nerve regeneration process is taking place. It took a while for my nipples to feel less sensitive. By a couple of months post op, it settled. By 4 months post op, the zinger pains (sharp pains) in my breast eased but started up a bit at the 9 month mark - they are nerve regeneration pains. At least in Summer you can get away with just wearing your bra around the house..........and a light cotton top if you have visitors. :) 

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