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Dr Stradwick Dr Layt or Dr Richardson anyone had any experience with these surgeons?

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I’ve put off getting my Breasts done for years. Initially I had planned to have them done when I was 19 (10 years ago) but put it off. 2 kids later and my breasts are very very sad looking.

ive been trying to find as much info on Dr Layt Dr Richardson and Dr Stradwick as I am Brisbane based and if I can bypass the additional travel fees that would be great. I ideally would loooove to have Dr Tav do my breasts but a week in Sydney on top of surgery fees would prob break the bank. Do any of these surgeons perform as good as Dr Tav or produce similar results?

i like the look of all their before and after pics but had a friend comment that Dr R only like to use round implants? Is that true?

I am probably borderline lift and I’d say a deflated 12b and would probably need an anatomical high profile to perk things up a little bit.

cant find any info on price for Dr Stradwick or Dr Layt and their offices are all closed with the holidays.

if anyone can help me out with any info with these surgeons or if you can recommend a great surgeon in brisbane I will be so grateful.

especially would like to hear from anyone who may have been a borderline lift and if you went with dual plane anatomical?

happy new year 


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