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Hi guys,

I wanna share my plastic surgery experience with you guys since I got a lot of help from this forum. Today, I’m going to upload part1 today and part2 too (very soon). If you guys don’t mind, I’m willing to share my surgery result.

I’m 26 years old Asian, born in China but moved to Sydney recently.

I always wanted to get my jaw surgery done because the wide cheekbone and square jaw (round face) were always my main concern. However, as you guys know, bone surgery is not really common here and doctors don’t really have experiences as cosmetic aspect.

And I met Korean girl who is one of my coworker’s friend and she said that she had the bone surgery a year ago! She explained me surgery procedure and how to choose the best clinic out of millions clinic in Korea. She also gives me some list that I should go for consultation.

For me, most important part was language and doctor’s skills. Therefore, when I pick the clinics for consultation I asked them what kind of services they offer for international patients and how long the doctors have been performing this surgery.

Here is the list of clinics that I visited for consultation.

1.     Grand Plastic surgery hospital

2.     ID Plastic surgery hospital

3.     Banobagi Plastic surgery hospital

4.     JK Plastic surgery hospital


I had chance to visit all of them while I was in Korea for 3 days.

1.     Grand : located in Garosugil, near Gangnam. The building is huge and I saw quite a lot of patients while I was waiting.

The clinic had English, Chinese translators for patients. In general, I liked consultation part but the consultation with doctor is way too short and consultant wasn’t that nice. I wasn’t being arrogant but if I have other options to pick, of course I will go somewhere else.

2.     ID : Opposite side of Grand. Another huge building and luxurious atmosphere overall.

Waiting time was the worst. Every floor I went, I had to wait over 15~30 minutes. However, the consultant was really nice and the Chinese and English translator was so helpful. She apologised me instead that I had to wait longer even though that wasn’t her fault. Price was okay, it was inside of my budget.


3.     Banobagi : Near Yeoksam Stn. Kind of far from Gangnam.

Everything was so fast including waiting time, X-ray time, and consultation time with a consultant. However, I couldn’t get to see doctor. Even though I said I wanted to, they told me that there is no available doctor for now. Price was cheaper than other place and they gave me some discount too. But I couldn’t make my mind since I didn’t see a doctor.


4.     JK : Little far from Garosugil. I took a taxi from Grand. Golden building looks so awesome.

English translator was good and nice, try to help me to give all kind of information from A to Z. Doctor’s consultation time was long enough to ask my questions. Everything was perfect, the building, staffs, surgical method until I hear the PRICE!! Out of 4 clinics, JK was the most expensive one and some procedure was even double of Banobagi.


After all the consultation, I decided to go with ID. Ive seen some reviews regarding ID but the consultation itself, ID was the best and they showed me respect and made me feel safe. Of course everyone has each opinion and I respect that. But in my opinion, I didn’t have any problem with that from the online consultation to the face to face consultation.


So the consultation was February 2017, and I made my surgery schedule to May 2017.

Part2 will be my surgery story and now how I’m recovering from that HUGE surgery. Stay tuned and happy new year guys!

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