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im 2 days post op from liposuction with Dr Chen @ Ashbury,

I know there have been some mixed reviews but I can't fault him, but I had liposuction to my inner/out thighs upper abdomen & flanks,

I went with laser as well to help with skin contracture as I have previously had 2 children, I'm swollen but I have had a dramatic difference I was starting to get the saddle bag arse and I've always carried weight on my love handles, but now all of my clothes are loose and I have a thigh gap :D

they took off just over 4 L

when I have my F/U I will get the before photos and do a before/after.

The experience of the procedure itself was bizarre its a conscious sedation so you have move around for them to suction the different areas, I had some valium when I arrived to calm my nerves and then time flew, I was on the table for maybe 4.5 hours but it felt like 20 mins, the local stung the most and I could feel the cannula moving over my hip bones but they constantly kept topping my IV up with meds so I was ok. I wore a eye mask as well.

rafter surgery because it was only a light sedation I felt really good just tired I went Home and slept only waking to take my medications I leaked a fair bit as well mainly from my back and under my bum.

Im really sore but only when I move if I lay still on my back I'm am quite comfortable. the pain I can best describe is like working out and being really really bruised, just a ache but bearable.i have some swelling in my knees but again thats too be expected. 

I feel faint if I get up to quickly so I am only doing very light activity just walking around the house every hour or so.

I will keep u updated on my results


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Thanks for sharing .  Glad to find someone who went through the same Laser liposuction like I did .  The nurse Maureen  told me later that Dr.Chen  spend  extra time on my procedure   as he was a perfectionist .   The weird thing is I cannot remember the procedure  except for when Dr.Chen  put in the anaesthetic   drip in.   There was a bit of leaking during the 1st day or two .  

I was amazed to noticed the major reduction in the size of my tummy and waistline even on day two .  I am so glad I chose laser liposuction ( Smartlipo)  instead of the normal liposuction  as not only my fat had been removed but  my flabby skin is tighter too.  Some days i still get some  swelling and tenderness.  Dr.Chen  says that should subside with time .

Overall I am happy that my result is better than  I expected  even though Dr.Chen tried to tone down my expectation during the initial consultation .

Hope you have a good recovery.

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