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Hey girls! This is my first post; just looking for some advice on multiple things to do with the surgery. I've planned the BA at the beginning of my travels for at least 6 months. We're going to Thailand, Dubai, then travelling around Europe. I know and understand the recovery time and the process of a BA and will be taking time in Thailand and Dubai particularly to relax and recover for a few weeks to begin with and have a very supportive boyfriend to help me throughout. 

I've booked my BA with Dr. Veerawat in Phuket in February. From the online consultation, I've discovered my breasts are slightly tuberous. Surgical recommendation is that I have a tight and narrow lower pole and will require some internal scoring, dual plane placement, with teardrop implants. It also states that if I want more with my nipples he would suggest a donut lift. I've read that he tends to suggest this option to perfect the look quite often. Personally I think internal scoring with be enough. Has anyone had this experience? I'm just worried that my nipples with stretch and look bigger. Does this occur with a BA for people with slight/mild tuberous breasts quite often and is it possibly better to have a donut lift? My nipples are I guess relatively big considering the size of my breasts currently, yet my breasts are quite tiny. 

Does anyone suggest the Surgery Travel warranty with cosmeditour? 

Would love to hear any advice. X 

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Hi Lanabanana

Your trip sounds amazing, so exciting. I also had surgery in Phuket but I booked with Lotus Medical International. I was able to ask them all the questions I had and they would contact my surgeon. Have you asked your agent about the questions you have about your surgery?

I don't personally have any experience in your type of surgery but I thought I would just share my experience with you. I was referred to Dr.Sanguan with Lotus Medical International and I can't fault the surgeon or company. You case sounds more complex and I know that Dr.Sanguan is particularly good at more complicated cases. 

Perhaps try contacting your surgeon to get some more info or if you're not getting the answers you need then you can always ask for a second opinion. 

Good luck with it all! x 

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Hi, look I'm not qualified to comment on your procedure. However if you do proceed with Cosmeditour and take out a warranty, if you look online you will find that once they have your money, if you do have issues, your 'warranty' will be worthless in the opinion of many. 

Many surgeons and hospitals in Thailand are excellent, but certainly not all of them, a JCS American accreditation means that there is a tri yearly audit, that's all !

Surgery is a serious matter and not a 'holiday add on' Any complications back home may not be able to be fixed and will be your time your money and your health at stake.

Once you are back in Australia, you are basically on your own. From online experiences, cosmeditour aren't  helpful at all 'to say the least' and the opinion of many is that their warranty is worthless. 

I should note that you can have the same surgeons, same hospitals, same everything for far less cost going through other agencies, Thai agencies, directly through the hospitals. 

I've done both and going direct was a far better experience for me.


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