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Travelling for Dr. Dona

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Hi Ladies,

after reading different reviews I’m going to contact Dr. Dona. He seems like he is happier to go bigger. Currently I’m at 375 and really want that full fake look. I’ve breast fed 3 kids and when my milk came in my boobs were huge. My hubby snapped a pic so I know or at least feel comfortable that I could accommodate a larger implant.

did anyone travel and if so how do you go with consults and so forth?

I find here in Aust that the Drs are very conservative and do what they want or are comfortable with not what the patient wants.

The US seems to be the sky is the limit?

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Absolutely I would agree with you, the US is far more superior. 

BUT - when it comes to larger implants don’t look further than the one & only Dr Dona.

You have a small implant now, so with any surgeon there’s going to be a limit to what size they can & are willing to take you with only a second surgery. My guess would be 800cc max.

Dr Dona has operated up to 1200cc.

He did my current 920s and I have nothing bad to say about the man. 

He is great. 10/10.

I flew from Melbourne, for consults, surgery ect. 

I did day trips for the consults and post op appointments. I only did the 1 & 6 week post op appointment.

I stayed in Sydney for a week after surgery then flew home then went back 6 weeks later. I’ll be 3 years post op with these implants this year and I’ve been back to see him (to ask for bigger) and he is just as helpful as he was 3 yesrs ago (despite not going bigger than 920 hehe)

I couldn’t recommend him higher.

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I travelled from Brisbane to Sydney for Dr Dona for my 800cc ? I wish I actually asked him what the max he would do on me was as I just went in asking for 800s ?

i flew down for my consult and then a few months later flew down for my surgery. I stayed 5 nights I think it was. I didn’t go to any post op appointments they were happy for me to follow up over email. But I’m a Nurse so could do my own dressings and cares etc you will be told to follow up with a GP. I highly recommend dr dona he is amazing i have sent heaps of Brisbane girls to him!

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I'm going for boob upgrade (might need lift too) and tummy tuck once I lose all the weight. 

We are going as a family and will make a family holiday of it. Might fly to Melbourne first as I have family there. I didn't think you would need a carer if you stayed 1 night in hospital. You could always hire a nurse but I personally want hubby with me. 

Just wanted to say you already look great and bigger will also look great. 

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