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Hello, I'm looking to get plastic surgery in Korea sometime in the future and I would like some surgeons to look at the pictures I've provided and tell me what they think could be improved on my face. Their professional opinion would be good to have. As for my opinion, I think that my nose is too far out, it needs to be a bit higher maybe, and I'd like it to be more narrow and defined, like the picture of the nose I provided. For my jaw and chin, I'd like a more V shaped jaw and and my chin not to protrude so much both out and down. It looks like a witch chin to me. Lastly for my eyes, when I was a child I had eyes like the ones in the fifth picture and I'd like mine to be shaped like that since I miss them but I'd like to know if it would look natural with my current (ugly) face. Anyway I'd love some feedback.

Thank you.






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