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Favorite Bra Pre Op and Pos Op

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Hi Lovely Ladies just wondered to start a conversation what is your favorite bra.  When I was a little younger Fredricks of Hollywood was very popular they had the Cadillac of pushup padded bras.  I ware Victoria Secret, and Soma wish all bra company would go by same size factor.  I haven't decided which to go with, surgery this Wednesday January 17, 2018.  I have a number of weeks to make that decision but it will be great fun trying on my new bra wardrobe.  Any Ideas?

Huggs and Kisses

:)(.)(.):)  PBB

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Before my BA i used to wear the oh la la bra from Bras n Things it was supposed to give you up to 2 cup sizes and extream push up but with my barley there A cup i think i only got about a cup size and not a lot of push up ? cant push up what's not there. As to whats my favorite post BA bra well I'll have to keep youposted as im still in non underwire bras for the moment till about 3 months then I'll go and get properly sized then new bra shopping ????? 3 more weeks cant wait. 

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WB these 3 weeks will go fast I agree being properly sized is so important.  It will be so much fun as you go shopping for that new larger bra.  Will you be looking online also?  I like to research and find out what other ladies like or dislike about the product you are researching the sizing trying on then you make the decision for yourself  This is why the Forum on CosmeticJourney is so informative to us ladies.  Keep us posted as to how you are doing and your buying frenzy for that perfect bra. 

Huggs & Kisses

:)(.)(.):) PBB

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12 hours ago, Wanting boobs said:

Ooh they sound good @TheFox do you know if they still stock them or was it quite a while ago. 

they do still stock them but they are called something else - they should know what your talking about though if you say the complete comfort bra

scrap that here they are and the white is on sale for $5 - http://www.brasnthings.com/complete-comfort-microfibre-contoured-bra-ivory-1

get on it peeps :)

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