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Cosmetic Institute - Dr Victor Lee - Recent Reviews

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I’m looking at having a BA with Dr Victor Lee at TCI. A friend of mine has had hers done with a different surgeon at TCI and absolutely loves them. That surgeon is no longer there  

Is there anyone who has had a BA within the last 6 months with TCI that can share some updated thoughts on both Dr Victor Lee and TCI. Some of the reviews I have found on here appear to be 12 months or so.

I understand there are good and bad reviews, everyone has their own story and option but any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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The greatest advice you’ll ever receive: Do NOT do surgery on a budget. This is your life, your body. Why do you want to risk both for someone who has a self appointed title with no extensive training.

Before I educated myself, I was like you. I wanted the cheap option. Now that I have done my research I realise how silly I was. 

I went to TCI & Dr Lee was my surgeon.

Were my boobs disgusting afterward? Absolutely. My implants were placed so high up on my chest I essentially had four boobs with my implants & natural tissue.

But you know what, it’s not TCI’s fault, it’s not Dr Lee’s fault. Who’s? Mine.

I was the one who wanted a cheap surgery and that’s exactly what I got.

You’re putting everything at risk to save a penny. 

I’ve had a revision since, from a PLASTIC surgeon. Which didn’t cost a lot more. But the experience behind a plastic surgeon compared to these fake a#* GPs is a lot more. 

Plastic surgeons these days are SO cheap compared to what they used to be.

Wouldnt you rather pay an extra thousand or two now instead of another $10k or more down the track trying to fix what a cosmetic surgeon will probably botch anyway... 

I honestly wish someone was this straight forward with me before I went ahead and made the worst decision of my life. But they weren’t. 

You need to do your research before any major surgery. If you’re considering a GP, you haven’t. 

Most TCI negative reviews (which there’s an entire Facebook group full of them) are kept on the hush publically because of how TCI react. It’s not nicely.

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Agree on paying for it later on. Trying to fix up complications isn't an easy job and some plastic surgeons won't even see you if you have been elsewhere. 

I don't know of affordable plastic surgeons apart from Dr Dona (who I want a breast revision and tummy tuck with) but affords isn't the only reason I want to see him. His tummy tucks are amazing and he does great breast work not being scared to go large when safe which is what I'm wanting. I refuse to pay thousands more to stay in Perth to not get anywhere near the size I want. 

Do your homework on who you want to do your surgery. What do you want? Do you want natural, fake, large, small, etc? What does the plastic surgeon specialise in? Do you like their before and afters? 

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