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Hi LovelyLadies got up this morning at 4:56 on the road at 5:45 snowing all the way roads covered hubby did a awesome job driving arrived at PS facility at 8:30. We arrived 2 hours early there was a cancellation due to the weather everything got moved up.  Everything just fell into place surgery was scheduled for 12:00 changed to 11:00 that about all I remember until the recovery room.  After surgery my PS talked to my hubby she told him all went well and I looked fantastic.  My old ones had been in since spring of 1982 almost 36years wow she said this was the oldest ones she had ever experienced.  After weighing them they weighted 235 right and 245 left plus instead of one small rupture there are two one in each.  While surgery was going on my hubby went and got me a dozen red roses which he later gave me in recovery room.  He also got my Lovely PS a rose also, she told him all went well and she believed we both would be very pleased she told him the Implant brand name, the size,and the profile which in all his excitement he could not remember.  Later I found out by my PS the best suited for me was the Natrelle Inspira SRF 520cc.  I am a little sore using ice pack to help with swelling taking my meds for pain and antibiotics. We had a light supper consisting of Taco Soup and chips, cottage cheese and peaches and a lot of water.  Plan on sleeping in recliner tonight and the next 72 hours.  I get to take a warm shower tomorrow afternoon can't wait for hubby and I to see them.  I want to thank you Lovely Ladies who have encouraged me over the last few weeks it truly has meant lot to me.  

On a funny note when we arrived for surgery in the parking lot we saw two nurses walking in the building behind us they were rolling a very large suitcase my husband made the commit I bet the implants are inside.  As we got onto the elevator the two nurses followed along with that large rolling suitcase, hubby noticed there name tags and yes it was my PS nurses, he said are you bringing the implant today?  They both laughed and said yes and we have all different sizes and laughed.  Again Lovely Ladies Thank You for all your well wishes.  

Huggs and Kisses PBB

:):) 520cc ) ( 520cc ):):)

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Glad to hear your surgery went well. Wow must have been scary to find out that both implants had two ruptures but not bad going for 30 odd years, your husband sounds like a wonderful man not only for all of his encouraging notes on the bathroom mirror but for even buying your ps a rose too. I'm sure your new boobs will look amazing, rest up and cant wait to hear more about your recovery.  ? 

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Thanks Lovely Lady Wanting boobs yes when I found out later both were ruptured it did scare me however PS said it was strange that both did not bother me.  Yes my hubby is most definitely a keeper.  He lay in his recliner beside of me last night.  He could not sleep very much last night getting up and down with me.  He fixed breakfast this morning and just put on some baked chicken for supper tonight.  I will get to take a shower this afternoon can't wait.  My PS told me in instruction after surgery today I need to walk around in the house with Hubby help.  Overall aside from soreness fell great.  Thinking about putting on my makeup later and maybe fixing my hair.  Thank you so much for taking the time for your encouraging words they mean a lot.  We Lovely Ladies are in a life long fraternity of enhanced boobs sharing our stories as a way to encourage other ladies their stories both serious, and funny.  Hugs and Kisses

PBB (.) (.)

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Hi Lovely from a mammogram over two years ago my Gynecologist notified me I had a small rupture she said unless I had pain I would be okay until it got worse.  They did not suspect or fine anything in my right breast.  When I went to the consulation with my PS she required a mammogram within the last month,  had it no change.  My PS told my husband she had found two small ruptures one in left and right.  She said the pocket was in great shape no thicken or harding.  These implants were 36 years old my PS was amazed how well they still were.  Last that time I had 225 in the left and 235 in the right, this time I went up to 520cc I truly believe there was more swelling the first time.  Thank you for your comment concerning my husband yes he truly is.  He has always been so supportive of me.  I will tell him what you said.  Again thanks for your questions I hope I have answered them for you.  I am having insonima since the surgery which was two days ago don't know if it the meds or perhaps just the excitement of the journey that we have been on for the last three weeks.

Huggs & Kisses 

( . ) ( . ) PBB

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