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Breast augmentation

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18 minutes ago, Lisa Mackin said:

Hi girls wanting feedback on surgeons in Perth , I’ve seen DR Niro has anyone been to him in Perth , any surgeons you recommend ? 

Hey @Lisa Mackin My surgeon in Perth was Mr Anthony Williams at Assure in Subiaco. I would highly recommend him. He listened and advised me of what would work best (given my expectations) and he was absolutely 100% spot on - I am really happy with my outcome (if you friend request me you can see my gallery pics). He is also a very experienced and meticulous plastic surgeon. He uses the Keller Funnel technique which minimises bruising (I literally had none) and my scar is very fine. 

I've not heard of Dr Niro - but I would very strongly recommend you go to a qualified and credentialed plastic surgeon, not a cosmetic one. The difference is years of training and experience. A cosmetic surgeon can literally be any GP who picks up a scalpel and calls themselves a surgeon. For this type of surgery you need the very best as you want optimum results.

A couple other Perth girls went to different surgeons and can also advise you of their experience @Wanting boobs and @sparkles16 :) 

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Make sure your surgeons is a FRACS Plastic surgeon 
You can view surgoens in Perth via our directory - https://cosmeticjourney.com/clinician/search/0/7/0/0/0/0/

You can view their before and after pics and read patient reviews 

FYI all the surgeons on our directory are FRACS Plastic and ENT surgeons so you can be sure of their qualifications.

Best of luck

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Hi @Lisa Mackin Dr Niro is a cosmetic sergeon i believe there is a topic on him in the forum somewhere it might be in tummy tuck ect. I would be strongly looking into a FRACS (fellow of the royal Australian college of sergeons ). There are some really good plastic sergeons in Perth, you could look up Assure Cosmetics in Subiaco  as they are all FRACS qualifed. My sergeon is Dr Sam Cunneen he is in West Perth, and Dr Guy Watts is also very good. If you send a FR you can see mu pictures. 

Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your BA journey. ? 

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