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15 minutes ago, Melbourne101 said:

Hi girls!

I'm on day 2 of recovery and so far has been pretty cruisy. However I'm freaked out about my new size. I was previously a 12B and got 320 cc implants. I look HUGE! Could this be due to the swelling?

I'm just hoping it goes down and I don't stay this size :/

Hey @Melbourne101 Swelling is normal for the first week or so, it will subside. The final size depends on how much breast tissue you had to begin with and whether you got overs or unders (dual plane) and are they anatomical or rounds?  The swelling will go down, but the "drop and fluff" process then starts generally around or after the 6 week mark (may be later for some).

Don't freak out, after having not much it will be a shock to see bigger boobs on your chest. I was a 12AA and got 375cc anatomical dual plane unders and at two weeks I was a 12C and now at six weeks I'm measured at a 12DD. That number sounds high, but it actually looks normal and balanced on my body. 

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Hi Lovely Melbourne 101 Congratulations on your new girls, the swelling and pain will be less each day.  I put icepack on mine for 15 minutes each hour sometimes I will forget or fall asleep but this will definitely aid in the swelling and discomfort that you might be experiencing.  As for me I am going on my 2nd full day, and yes when for the first time you take the surgical bra off your first words could have been "Oh My" or I can't see my toes.  You will do well just listen to your PS eat well, drink a lot of water, and exercise..  Gentle movement of your arms will help elevate pain, aid in swelling and after several day the pain will go away.  Again Congratulations 

Huggs & Kisses 

( . ) ( . )  PBB

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