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Borderline breast lift/dual plane placement

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Hi girlies

I’m booked in for a BA with Dr Boonchai on the 12th of February and when I first sent in my photos, I asked about a BA + BL because I have mild sagging due to weight loss. However, his recommendation was to get a dual plane placement with a round implant as I am only 21 years old. 

Ive been reading through all the forums and many girls are saying that they regretted not getting the lift so I was wondering if anyone had gone with a dual plane placement instead and what their experience was ? Thanks so much 

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Hi!! I got the dual plane placement and was borderline needing a lift. I was actually expecting the surgeon to recommend a lift and mentally prepared to go ahead with it but he said to do the augmentation first and then the lift if required. I wish I’d just gotten them both done at once as I am still unhappy with the sagging and nipple position. I have also spoken to people on this forum who went ahead with the aug only and are happy!!

so I guess it really depends on the look you are going for, if you don’t mind some sagginess and a more “natural” type look and the nipple position doesn’t bother you, it could be fine. Especially if you are worried about scarring. 


Best of luck :)

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